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Complete financial reporting from beginning to end. Supports fund, grant and activity reporting.

The Caselle Clarity General Ledger incorporates true fund accounting to provide usable options to enter, inquire, and report financial information. Overall design and smooth data flow within the module are the result of hundreds of customers and auditors who use General Ledger in the real working world.

Software Features

General Ledger Reports

All General Ledger reports use the latest government reporting standards, allow standard and custom financial statements, use standard titles, descriptions, and objects, and sub-total by segment level.

  • Account List
  • Activity Reporting: Activity Account Detail/Summary, Activity Summary, Activity Transaction Register
  • Allocations Accounts Detail Ledger
  • Bank Reports: Reconciliation, Check / Deposit List, Check/Deposit Register.
  • Budget Reports: Budget by Levels, Budget Proof, Budget Worksheet, State Budget Report

Budget Preparation

  • New account setup during budget entry
  • Annualization of current year actual
  • Budget notes, routines (example, Copy from Prior Year Budget or Actual), worksheet
  • Single and Multiple and worksheet entry modes.
  • Select any fiscal year end for entries.
  • Improved Redisplay with sorting filtering options.
  • Delete entries for a specific budget level.
  • Direct integration to Reports and Inquiry
  • Final year-end budget, allows mid-year adjustments, multiple levels
  • Budget Worksheet with enhanced features.

Bank Reconciliation

  • Electronic bank reconciliation. Total integration with Accounts Payable, Payroll, Cash Receipting, and Check on Demand.
  • Allows reconciliation for multiple banks and checking accounts. Tools for quick entry.
  • Bank reconciliation reports: Reconciliation, Outstanding and Cleared Checks, Outstanding and Cleared Deposits

Positive Pay

  • Create Positive Pay Formats to match your bank’s requirements.
  • Create more than one format.

Import Cleared Checks


  • Separate Inquiry for Account, Activity, Grant, and Journal.
  • Enhanced Inquiry tools.


  • Copy journal entries from one journal or period to another journal or period.

Import Amounts

  • Import Activity and Job numbers.
  • Select budget level for budget type journals.
  • Default Round Amounts and Ignore Sign settings.

Reversing Entries

  • Create reversing entries at the same time regular entries are created.

Budget Journals

  • Assign multiple budget levels to budget type journals.


  • Categories table: Associate categories with accounts in the Categories view or Chart of Accounts view.

Interfaces With

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Asset Management
  • Cash Receipting
  • Check on Demand
  • GL Investment Management
  • GL Interest Allocations
  • Improvement Districts
  • Materials Management
  • Payroll
  • Project Management
  • Requisitions and PO’s
  • Service Orders
  • Timekeeping
  • Utility Management