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The Caselle General Ledger Investment Management module will help you purchase, track, and redeem your investments; while using the least amount of your time. Investment entries can be set up to automatically create the journal entries needed to redeem the investment when the investment is mature. Each time you launch the General Ledger program, the number of investments that have been redeemed and the number of investments waiting to be redeemed will be displayed.

Software Features

Investment Redemption

  • Removes additional journal entries to redeem investments.
  • Allows you to set the redemption dates.
  • Displays an alert when redemption date occurs.
  • Option to redeem automatically or prompt user to redeem mature investments.

Investment Calculation

  • Calculates the discount or premium based on par value and interest rate.

General Ledger Interface

  • Built into General Ledger program.
  • Eliminates need to launch/use a separate spreadsheet program.
  • Eliminates additional journal entries.

Interfaces With

  • General Ledger

Other Applications

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"General Ledger Investments" is part of the Financial View line of products, developed by Caselle.

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