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The Caselle General Ledger Interest Allocation module eliminates the need to use a separate spreadsheet to track interest allocations and manually enter interest allocation journal entries. Run Interest Allocation to review each account balance that has been selected for interest allocations, create allocations for the selected funds, and post the appropriate amount to each fund.

Software Features

Types of Interest Allocations

  • Average Daily Balance
  • Monthly Ending Balance
  • Monthly Beginning Balance
  • Fixed Amounts (Pre-set Fixed Ratios)

Setup multiple allocations

  • Improves efficiency.
  • One time setup.
  • Print interest allocation reports for review.

Allocate interest amount

  • Allocates automatically.
  • Users can enter the allocation amount if the allocation is not targeted to a specific account.

General Ledger Interface

  • Built into General Ledger program.
  • Eliminates need to launch/use a separate spreadsheet program.
  • Eliminates additional journal entries.
  • Maintains consistent formulas.
  • Removes the need to reload monthly rates and budgeting a set ratio per month.
  • Allocating interest is determined by user.

Interfaces With

  • General Ledger

Other Applications

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"General Ledger Interest Allocation" is part of the Financial View line of products, developed by Caselle.

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