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A developer of business management software.

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This developer has been acquired in April 2007 by Business Objects.

Source: CRN

Cartesis provides CFOs with a unique business performance management solution to deliver the whole ‘story behind the numbers’ with unparalleled clarity and insight. Leading multinational companies around the globe rely on Cartesis software applications to get the full picture and offer timely and relevant information to their stakeholders.

Cartesis’ Multi-Multi Financial solutions are currently deployed to more than 25,000 users across a worldwide customer base that includes one in five Fortune Global 100 companies and over 30 percent of the Financial Times European 100. Leading organizations in a wide range of industries use Cartesis solutions to support key financial management activities including planning, budgeting, statutory consolidation, management reporting, performance management, forecasting and shareholding management.

The Cartesis Suite, Cartesis’ flagship offering, has been expressly developed for the complexity of multinational business environments and provides native support for multi-lingual, multi-GAAP, multi-partner, multi-product, multi-currency and multi-market operations, as well as managing complex cross-ownership of multiple entities.

To facilitate rapid analysis and decision-making, the Cartesis Suite aggregates and delivers the freshest information from across the global enterprise, providing analytic intelligence that surpasses traditional reporting. It automates and streamlines the entire financial analysis lifecycle to provide an accurate financial picture at any time across the complete spectrum of enterprise information silos: financial, operational, tax and legal. In turn, the Cartesis Suite provides CFOs with a strategic platform for achieving critical business goals by helping them communicate the complete corporate story, clearly articulate value propositions and make decisions in real-time.

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