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CareVoyant EMR Module enables practices to implement electronic medical records by simplifying the migration of current clinical documentation processes and forms into CareVoyant — making the transition easy for physicians. The CareVoyant Clinical Engine includes the ability to personalize documentation steps — by customizing standard templates by specialty, physician, schedule reason or type of visit (New/Established). CareVoyant Assessment Builder allows physicians to develop clinical documentation forms from the ground-up in CareVoyant.

Clinical functions tightly integrate with patient registration, scheduling and billings functions — thereby eliminating redundant data entry. E&M Coding features derive the level of office visit code from clinical documentation. Remote computing features, based on laptop or tablet PC devices, extend all clinical capabilities to the point of care through wireless or synchronization technology. An integrated Drug Database gives physicians comprehensive drug reference materials, such as drug interaction and patient education materials. CareVoyant provides the ability to create charges based on the diagnosis codes and procedure codes captured in clinical documentation. CareVoyant Clinical Reports and Dashboards enable practices to quickly analyze their business and clinical performance.

Clinical Engine

  • Integrated Clinical Engine to create, view, manage and share clinical data across the continuum of care.
  • Tight integration with intake, scheduling and billing functions.
  • Outpatient Workflow lists all appointments for a physician and provides access to patients’ clinical and financial information.
  • User-definable clinical templates and documentation steps by specialty, physician, schedule reason and type of visit (new/Established).
  • Ability to migrate current clinical documentation forms for the practice — thus making the transition easy for physicians.
  • Ability to view patients’ problems, past medical history, family history and social history from a clinical notes screen.
  • Ability to stay in one screen to complete the clinical note for the patient.
  • Ability to derive E&M Coding from the clinical documentation.
  • Ability to enter diagnosis & procedure codes during clinical documentation and create charges.
  • Ability to enter prescriptions and other physician orders and check for drug interactions.
  • Ability to view and manage clinical notes using Clinical Notes Manager.
  • Ability to set up thresholds for vitals and user defined measurements.
  • Ability to digitally sign clinical notes to complete the process.
  • Dashboards (CareVoyant Insight) can be used to analyze and trend clinical information.

Point of Care

  • Point of Care functions extend the clinical functions to the point of care – wherever the patient is.
  • Ability to add, modify and view schedules at the point of care.
  • Retains the same user interface and functionalities as central office clinical functions.
  • All clinical information, including notes from other clinicians, are be available at the point of care.
  • Schedules form the base for synchronization.
  • Ability to effectively manage clinical functions through role-based Clinical dashboards and reports.

Drug Database

  • Uses First Data Bank drug data base.
  • Access to comprehensive drug list and reference information to the clinician.
  • Automatically checks the medications for drug interaction.
  • Provides access to patient education materials.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with EMR/E&M Coding:

"EMR/E&M Coding" is part of the CareVoyant Physician line of products, developed by CareVoyant.