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Collection Management Module provides practices the tools to identify and manage overdue claims and accounts. Collections Module automatically assigns qualifying claims and accounts to collections status based on a pre-defined schedule and other criteria. Claims and account information can be accessed from the Collection Manager, enabling the collector to complete the process in one screen. Activities can be created and managed for each claim and account from Collection Manager.

Collections module

  • Collection Manager is integrated with billing and accounts receivables functions.
  • Automatically assigns qualifying claims to Collections Manager based on pre-defined schedule and criteria.
  • Collects and lists all claims not paid after expected payment days in plan code.
  • Collects and lists all patients with a balance after a predefined number of days.
  • Ability to track and manage collections for claims by collector or collection group.
  • Activities can be attached to claims or accounts for follow-up.
  • Activities Manager manages collector’s activities.
  • Access to patient inquiry and other screens.
  • Claims can be queued up for re-submission from the Collection Manager.
  • Claims can be moved to collection manager from ERN based on adjustment codes.
  • Claims can be moved to collection manager from EOB Payment Entry screen.
  • Dashboard Cubes and Reports are available to monitor collection activities.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Collection Management:

"Collection Management" is part of the CareVoyant Physician line of products, developed by CareVoyant.