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As Composer NPD™ is targeted to the process industries, special attention is given to the iterative nature of batch adjustment during the process of quality testing. Composer NPD™ allows Laboratory Technicians to iteratively test and adjust batch composition as required to achieve target performance. Adjustment history is available to Formulators for the purpose of aiding master formula modification. This capability supports the elimination of redundant Lot testing and adjustment cycles that consume valuable labor hours. Final test results for each Lot are used to create a Certificate-of-Analysis (CoA) that can be printed on-demand.

Features of Composer NPD Quality Control

  • Lab technicians work within the same screen. No repetitive logging-in/logging-out.
  • Unlimited number of tests
  • Support for pass/fail assessment
  • Support for test conditions
  • Multiple options for specifying test range boundary conditions
  • Tests can be included/excluded from CoA
  • Create test specifications by material and customer
  • Search 11 characteristics of historical lots including number of adjustments made
  • Quick reference to historical adjustment materials and respective percentages by Lot
  • Electronic signature for approval. Double-validation for quality overrides
  • Integrated test procedures

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Quality Control:

"Quality Control" is part of the Composer NPD - Batch Manufacturing Software line of products, developed by Cadence Software, LLC.