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The critical characteristic of most ERP systems, which renders them in-effective for process manufacturers, is a lack of support for lot-tracking. Most small business accounting packages are even worse. These lower-end accounting packages typically support one storage location and one stocking unit. This is completely unacceptable for the process manufacturer.

Composer NPD™ can be used to manage the receipt, quality status, and consumption of detailed inventory. Materials can be carried in inventory on four different levels from fully-aggregated to unit serialized. Composer NPD™ supports multiple stocking locations on the Site-Warehouse-Zone-Bay levels. In addition to serialized generation of lot numbers, shelf-life expiry dates are automatically calculated at the time of inventory creation. All inventory transactions (FG and Raw) conducted in Composer NPD™ are synchronized with the aggregated stocking units in Peachtree Premium Accounting for Manufacturing.

Features of Composer NPD Lot-based Inventory Management

  • Control raw material ordering by approved Supplier
  • Search 17 characteristics of inventory including age, quality status, and supplier
  • Support for storage on for levels: Site, Warehouse, Zone, and Bay
  • Unlimited number of user-defined receiving units-of-measure
  • Receiving-to-Stocking unit conversion factors
  • Multiple suppliers for the same item
  • Automatic quarantine of newly received items
  • Supports internal lot number and supplier lot number for each item
  • Final assemblies are created referencing lot-specific inventory

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Lot-based Inventory Management:

"Lot-based Inventory Management" is part of the Composer NPD - Batch Manufacturing Software line of products, developed by Cadence Software, LLC.