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Composer NPD™ provides a simple yet effective system to facilitate the approval process for new Formulations. This is accomplished via configurable ‘Approval Routes’ established by the System Administrator. An Approval Route is a group of individuals assembled from functional departments for the purpose of reviewing/approving new formulations. Movement of the document within the route may be configured as ‘Concurrent’ or ‘Sequential’ with respect to how approval occurs. The sequential mode can be configured to be hierarchical where approval proceeds from level-to-level in the organization as required. Two separate approval modes, ‘Consensus’ and ‘Majority’, are selectable for the approval basis. Any action performed on the document by a member of the Approval Route are communicated via email to the other members on the route.

Features of Composer NPD Document Control

  • User-defined approval routes
  • Email notifications of approval activity
  • Centralized group evaluation comments

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Document Control:

"Document Control" is part of the Composer NPD - Batch Manufacturing Software line of products, developed by Cadence Software, LLC.