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Composer NPD™ is an enterprise-wide multi-user product that allows organizations to model complex product structures often referred to as Bills-of-Material. By design, Composer NPD™ supports the integration of discrete and process-oriented components within the same Bill-of-Material. This is a significant point-of-difference in the realm of such product offerings. Most competitors address either discrete (bicycles) or process (chemicals) oriented bill development, but not both within the same environment. This feature of Composer NPD™ permits an organization to satisfy the needs of all product designers within the context of one system. The result is one comprehensive system that leverages a central repository of company data. The benefit is improved communication and a reduction of data-based errors.

R&D product structures that are approved for production are easily synchronized in Peachtree Premium Accounting for Manufacturing. Complex unit-of-measure (UoM) relationships in formulas are converted to ‘ERP friendly’ stocking unit terms for the financial system.

Features of Composer NPD Bills of Material

  • Supports multi-level BoM structures
  • Advanced search on materials and quality characteristics
  • Material search and replace
  • BoM/Formula copy
  • BoM/Formula genealogy (find parents and children of)
  • Customer-specific formula variants without creating a new material id
  • Material and cost rollup
  • Limited material calculations (how big a batch can I make?)
  • Automatic balancing calculations (i.e., q.s. calculations)
  • Build formula using percentages or actual quantities
  • Protect sensitive formulas from view/edit by others
  • Differentiate between wet/dry blends
  • Associate HMIS info with finished product and raw materials

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Bill of Materials:

"Bill of Materials" is part of the Composer NPD - Batch Manufacturing Software line of products, developed by Cadence Software, LLC.