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Composer NPD™ has overcome the historical challenges of R&D hand-off to manufacturing. Through the modeling of enterprise manufacturing capabilities, Composer NPD™ can generate machine-specific instructions from a single template defined by a Formulator or Process Engineer. Batch sizes are also flexible. Whether you are requesting a 500g batch for laboratory use or 500Kg batch for a customer order, the resulting instructions will present the appropriate level of precision in the stated material quantities. Designed holistically to support the way you manufacture, Composer NPD™ batch instructions contain much more than just compounding procedures. You will find support for potency adjustments, material substitutions, Hazardous Material Identification System (HMIS) classification, cleaning procedures, waste disposal, product release, and packaging. With Composer NPD™ batch instructions, you are assured that the appropriate equipment will be selected for manufacturing, all material quantities are accurate, and no capacity violations occur.

Features of Composer NPD Batch Manufacturing Instructions:

  • Automatic batch sheet creation from template-based configuration
  • Multiple instruction sets per formulation (i.e., a la S-88 by Site, Resource, etc.)
  • Scale from bench quantities to bulk quantities
  • Modeling of process capabilities
  • Automatic material quantity adjustments based upon assay variation
  • Support for material trade-name alias’ when picking inventory
  • Support for premix requirements in the batch sheet
  • Constrain scheduled batch sizes by pre-configured volume/weight (optional)
  • Factor yield loss and final product density when determining initial batch size
  • HMIS WIP tickets support OSHA requirement for vessel identification
  • Material-specific HMIS information on the instruction level
  • Washout instructions print with batch instructions
  • Raw, in-process, and finished product quality tests can be include on batch instructions
  • Material addition can be stated in receiving unit-of-measure (i.e., ‘Bag-50Lbs’ vs. ‘Lbs’)
  • Incorporation of ‘stump’ or off-quality ‘work-off’ inventory

Other Applications

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"Batch Manufacturing Instructions" is part of the Composer NPD - Batch Manufacturing Software line of products, developed by Cadence Software, LLC.