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Composer NPD - Batch Manufacturing Software

An ERP system designed by Cadence Software, LLC for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.
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The word ‘seamless’ is not a hollow adjective when used to describe the relationship between Composer NPD™ and Peachtree Premium Accounting for Manufacturing. The order-to-cash interface is dedicated and therefore behaves in a manner transparent to the user.

No other small business accounting package has the fundamental BoM/Inventory capabilities required to support the comprehensive interface touch-points listed below.

The Composer NPD™/Peachtree order-to-cash business process supported:

  • Establish suppliers in Composer NPD™ and synchronize them within Peachtree.
  • Define raw materials in Composer NPD™ and synchronize them within Peachtree.
  • Define formulas and end-items in Composer NPD™ and synchronize them within Peachtree.
  • Create Purchase Orders in Composer NPD™ (with user-defined receiving units) and have the purchase order automatically created in the Peachtree system.
  • Receive shipments in Composer NPD™ against Purchase Orders. This action will simultaneously create lot-specific inventory in Composer NPD™ and update quantity on-hand in Peachtree. This receiving action will also create the Purchase Invoice for supplier payment.
  • Create Sales Orders in Peachtree that will appear in the Composer NPD™ scheduling application.
  • From Composer NPD’s™ scheduling application, create fill tickets and batch manufacturing instructions against Sales Orders received from Peachtree.
  • From the scheduling application, assemble formulated and end-item products referencing lot-specific inventory. This includes previously batched product that might be included as a formulated sub-component. This action will:
    • Reduce detailed raw material inventory in Composer NPD™ and adjust the quantity on-hand in Peachtree.
    • Record detailed inventory in Composer NPD™ (i.e., lot #, shelf-life, etc.) and increment the on-hand quantity in Peachtree.
    • Apply any necessary adjustments to raw materials and COGS on the Peachtree side to account for overruns/batch adjustments.
  • Invoice from Composer NPD™ against Sales Orders in Peachtree referencing detailed inventory in Composer NPD™. This action will:
    • Relieve finished goods inventory in Composer NPD™.
    • Relieve on-hand quantity of the item in Peachtree and register the appropriate COGS transactions.
    • Automatically create the Sales Invoice that will be sent to the customer.

This interface guarantees that no duplicate handling of data occurs and that your financials reflect real-time transactions. With Composer NPD™ there is no alternating between Peachtree and the manufacturing system to manage data; allowing you to fully realize all of the powerful real-time accounting functionality that Peachtree has to offer. Unlike competitive systems, there are NO SUB-LEDGER ACCOUNTS to manage and no end-of-month ‘dumps’ into the accounting system to determine profitability.

Take control your product structures! Enjoy a feature-set not realized in the many of the most expensive ERP systems on the market. You will be awestruck by the search capabilities and the ease at which you can copy an entire product structure. Composer NPD™ will also drive a significant level of discipline in unit-of-measure definitions that will help improve the consistency of your product structures.

Composer NPD™ ushers in a new era of configuration management that bridges the gap between the worlds of ‘process’ and ‘discreet’ manufacturing. For instance, formulating in grams and stocking in fluid ounces is now a non-event. Composer NPD™ manages all of the complex calculations required to convert a process recipe to an appropriate ‘Each’ oriented assembly in the ERP system.

Lot-specific inventory management: Composer NPD™ can be used to manage the receipt, quality status, and consumption of detailed inventory. Materials can be carried in inventory on four different levels from fully-aggregated to unit serialized. Composer NPD™ supports multiple stocking locations on the Site-Warehouse-Zone-Bay levels. In addition to serialized generation of lot numbers, shelf-life expiry dates are automatically calculated at the time of inventory creation.

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