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A developer of business management software.

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C2Logix (formerly WasteBid.com, Inc.) was established in January 2000, to apply its patented e-commerce and other Internet technologies to the waste industry. Its initial e-commerce applications focused on improving operational efficiencies and cost-savings. The company first started offering route optimization software in 2001 and has since evolved into a pioneering business solutions provider. C2Logix provides application development, systems integration and implementations with the following technologies: route optimization, supply chain logistics, business intelligence, and geographic information systems.

“We are unique. We come from industry and operations. Technology is just a tool to help our clients be more efficient, effective and successful. We never lose sight of our roots. We approach projects with the expertise and understanding of the end-user: the operations manager, dispatcher, general manager, customer service representative. We are not just an IT company. We are hands-on managers that use IT to our advantage.” - Bob Brickner, President

Product Lines

  • C2RouteApp

    A software system designed by C2Logix.

    0 reviews
    • FleetRoute

      A software system designed by C2Logix.

      0 reviews
      • TourSolver

        A software system designed by C2Logix for commercial & service and transportation companies.

        0 reviews

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