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Efficient management of Purchase Orders keeps your projects rolling. With Structure, you can create P.O.’s that satisfy all your vendors. You can create P.O.’s that draw off a standard inventory file automatically updated from services such as Trade Service or Harrison.

Purchase Orders Summary shows the status and commitment of all PO’s on a job.

You can enter line item details while you handle the P.O. as a lot price. You can generate lump sum P.O.’s with standard terms and conditions, or you can create your own templates.

Committed but unbilled costs are part of every project and Structure automatically enters committed costs into the Job Cost Module. You can even analyze material received but not yet billed right off the packing slip. You can also set up vendor price matrices for calculating discounts on standard trade pricing, or generate spreadsheets to calculate pricing and then convert the data back to a P.O.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchase Orders:

"Purchase Orders" is part of the STRUCTURE line of products, developed by C/F Datasystems, LLC..