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C/F Datasystems, LLC.

A developer of software designed for mid-market businesses in the construction industry.

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C/F Data Systems, developers of STRUCTURE software, has been servicing the Construction industry since 1979. Our active approach to listening to our clients needs allows us to always have an uncanny ability to predict the next trend in construction software. Our product, STRUCTURE, is a dynamic, comprehensive contractor management system designed to service a variety of contractors.

STRUCTURE offers the following software solutions:

  • Accounting: STRUCTURE’s basic 5 applications (Job Cost, Payables, Receivables, Payroll, and General Ledger) allow you to administer and oversee the most fundamental functions of your company.
  • Operations: Manage your resources and track profitability through the WorkForce Scheduling, Work Orders, Fixed Assets, and Quote Proposals modules.
  • Project Management: For your Project Manager, STRUCTURE offers a tool to assist them in managing all of their office responsibilities. With everything located in one convenient Project dashboard, there’s no hassle searching for pertinent information, from bid day to closeout.
  • Procurement: STRUCTURE’s Purchase Orders and Inventory Control modules make materials management fast, easy, and efficient.
  • Document Management: Chameleon/Construction Imaging software is designed for small to medium-size construction companies to capture, route, store, and retrieve within easy access, all documents in a construction office.
  • Executive Management: As a business owner and manager, it’s a daunting task to know where you stand on every aspect of your business. The Executive Center was designed with you in mind, one screen displays all of your critical financial metrics.
  • Web-Based CF Online: Everyone involved in managing and running a project has 24/7 access to their jobs at a level that is appropriate for their job function, in a secure and easy to access format.
  • Custom Programming: If you need a unique report or other program change to help improve your process, the C/F Data development team will accommodate your request.

STRUCTURE is backed by the exceptional, dedicated C/F Data staff. C/F Data sells STRUCTURE direct from our own sales team, assuring you that we have the expertise and knowledge to know exactly what our system can and cannot do. No unfulfilled promises will be made by our professional and seasoned sales team. C/F Data don’t employ offshore support organizations like many of our competitors. When you call C/F Data support you are connected directly to our Massachusetts based team. The average tenure of our support group is 15 years which assures you the right answer the first time.

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