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Quotes are estimates prepared for customers before orders are placed.

A Quote may include items in inventory, items on order, as well as items that are out of stock and must be re-ordered.

CAIMAN 5.0 accurately prepares quotes to assist customers with purchasing decisions and allow the business to help anticipate and determine demand for key inventory items.

Quotes use information from the CIM, Inventory and Receivable Accounts modules accessed from the CAIMAN 5.0 task bar.

Quotes can be easily prepared using CAIMAN 5.0, and are a useful technique to increase sales for the business. Let us help you with the many pricing options and discount features within the CAIMAN 5.0 program.

A completed Quote can be printed to send to the Customer directly and kept on file or can be faxed via a Fax/Modem interface. Database records of all Quotes can be Archived, a unique storage feature in CAIMAN 5.0 that keeps quotes available for retrieval and repeated use.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Quotes:

"Quotes" is part of the CAIMAN 5.0 line of products, developed by BWare Software.