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The Inventory module provides a comprehensive management system for all Items purchased from suppliers or assembled from components into Finished Goods.

CAIMAN 5.0 maintains information about office and warehouse equipment and other business assets. All Inventory data can be accessed with ease and efficiency.

Adding Items To Inventory: Items can be inputted in the system according to Category — within each category, easily-viewed descriptions can be created according to any number of business practices and requirements.

Generating Catalogues And Reports: Customer catalogues and price lists can be generated by selecting the option when Inventory Items are inputted into the database.

Inventory Pricing Options: Pricing options are virtually limitless. Within an Inventory Group, each item is given a description, supplier details and pricing information. All base pricing and company margins are calculated in the Inventory module.

Viewing Inventory: Filters can be used to select Inventory Items in a particular Category.

Inventory Control Box: All location-based Inventory information is displayed in the Inventory Control Box. The Inventory Control Box enables Inventory Items to be evaluated whether a single or multiple warehouses are involved.

Inventory Transfers: Shifting products between warehouses is recorded and efficiently managed with the Inventory Transfer system.

Production Cycles: Within the Inventory Build Item section, Production Cycles process the assembly of component parts into either new Inventory Items or Finished Goods.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the CAIMAN 5.0 line of products, developed by BWare Software.