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An accounting software system designed by BWare Software.
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Join the information revolution with CAIMAN 5.0 — Management Software For Entrepreneurs

With CAIMAN 5.0 as your technology partner you are creating a powerful business resource — management information. Analyze your profitability and productivity as never before — at the touch of a button!

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Ever wondered why some businesses grow in leaps and bounds? Employ CAIMAN 5.0 as your “invisible“ Chief Technology Officer: no desk, long lunches or golf club memberships required!

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CAIMAN 5.0 — Corporate Accounting and Information Management

CAIMAN 5.0 is a complete business solution, created to help businesses improve their management at all levels. It’s perfect for growing companies striving for a competitive ”advantage“ in the marketplace. CAIMAN 5.0 meets the varied and unique requirements of businesses including:

  • New Technology + Software Companies
  • Product Assembly + Manufacturers
  • Fashion + Garment Industries
  • Rental Operations
  • Repair Companies
  • Wholesale Import/Export Distributors
  • Installation and Service Companies

CAIMAN 5.0 Is Already:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Y2K compliant
  • Multi-user Network ready

CAIMAN 5.0 Seamlessly Integrates:

  • Multiple currency transactions
  • Inventory management — with convenient graphic display features for Inventory Items
  • Services Management
  • 99 Warehouse and Office locations
  • Customized Quotations, Customer Orders, Invoices and Purchase Orders
  • Dynamic accounting systems fully integrated with Inventory and Services
  • Sales and Distribution management including commission-based productivity analysis
  • Sophisticated information analysis and reporting
  • Customized General Ledger Summary Reports
  • Database management tools
  • Customer and Supplier information management
  • Automated employee payroll systems
  • Customized working environments for all users

Functionality Modules

General Ledger Three main processes are contained the General Ledger: Chart Of Accounts: The Chart Of Accounts is derived from the requirements of the business and its Income Statement and…

Cheque Ledger The Cheque Ledger records all payments made through the various Bank Accounts of the business. Cheque Number can be manually or automatically generated in CAIMAN 5.0. Cheques…

Payables Payable Accounts function in a similar way to Receivable Accounts except that the transaction flow is managed for money being paid out by the business for goods and services…

Receivables The Receivable Accounts module is used once a quote is converted to a Customer Order. CAIMAN 5.0 Receivable Accounts features “Quick Sum” for customer activity…

Purchase Orders Purchase Orders are used by the business to buy Inventory Items from Suppliers. The Purchase Orders module works in conjunction with the Inventory and Payables modules to…

Quotes Quotes are estimates prepared for customers before orders are placed. A Quote may include items in inventory, items on order, as well as items that are out of stock and must…

Inventory The Inventory module provides a comprehensive management system for all Items purchased from suppliers or assembled from components into Finished Goods. CAIMAN 5.0 maintains…

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