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Sales analysis with Freedom Series/ec21 is composed of online sales report selection of preprogrammed reports as well as sales analysis report writers. Examples of these offerings include:

Online Sales Analysis

The sales information available on-line has been pre-summarized for quick access. Sales and margin are available by customer, sales representative, location, product category, and type of sale. This information is presented by month for as many years as you have stored in the databases. You can do comparative analysis or display the data in color graphs.

Pre-Programmed Sales Analysis Reports

Freedom Series/ec21 provides many useful pre-programmed sales analysis reports, from high level summaries to a very detailed look at sales information.

Sales Analysis Report Writers

The most versatile sales analysis tools in Freedom Series/ec21 are a series of Sales Analysis Report Writers. These reporting tools allow you to view the information in the sales database in thousands of different ways. You can key on specific locations, customers, sales representatives, items, categories, vendors, sales types, promotions, and periods of time. You can see this data in detail or in summary. This information can be ranked by sales, margin or quantity sold. You can compare sales year to year, by month, quarter, year-to-date or in total. But most importantly, you can build the reports you need, without a programmer. The Freedom Series/ec21 Sales Analysis Report Writers will answer your most pressing questions.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales Analysis:

"Sales Analysis" is part of the Freedom Series/EC21 line of products, developed by Butler Commerce Solutions.