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The ORDERS Plus Serial Number Tracking System tracks an unlimited amount of serial numbers from the time they are received into inventory until the time they are sold. This information is permanently recorded in the system, allowing inventory control personnel access to a wealth of historical and validation information. The information maintained by the Serial Number Tracking system is extremely helpful when returning a defective item to your vendor or when verifying a returned item from your customer.

  • Receive Serial Numbers Immediately After Receiving
  • Easily Assign/Sell Serial Numbers after the Order is Invoiced
  • Serial Numbers Can Be Entered/Sold Randomly or Sequentially
  • Drill Down to PO Received or Invoice Where Sold
  • Track Specific Cost By Serial# Sold
  • Easily Integrate Bar Code Reader for Items w/Serial# Bar Codes

There will be no more endless searching through filing cabinets when you have the ORDERS Plus Serial Number Tracking system. Instead, the information is right at your fingertips saving you time and money.