Is ORDERS Plus Business Software right for your business?

ORDERS Plus Business Software is a great fit for many businesses. Find out if it's the right choice for you! Are you looking for a ORDERS Plus Business Software demo, technical support, product or pricing information or to simply to compare ORDERS Plus Business Software with competitive options? Quickly get answers and the information you need.

The ORDERS Plus Sales Management System is in a Class of it’s Own. Watch your information flow efficiently as your sales cycle begins with a Quote, Converts to an Order and Results in an Invoice reflecting Items that have shipped.

QUOTE => ORDER => INVOICE => Never Re-Key Data Again!

Automatic Back Order Management - Items Not Originally Shipped are Automatically Back-Ordered and Managed with ease. Invoice Displays Original Quantity Ordered, Amount Currently Being Shipped and Amount On Back-Order.

Automatic Drop Shipments - Eliminate Data Entry By Automatically Creating Multi-Vendor Purchase Orders with a click of the mouse. Simply indicate the Order is a Drop Shipment and Purchase Orders are created for you that include important Customer Information Automatically.

Real Time Stock Updates & Status Display - Inventory is Updated in Real-Time. Sales Orders Commit and Invoices Remove Stock. Real Time Stock Status is displayed to the user during Line Item Entry.

Advanced Line Item Entry - Speed Up Line Item Entry By Adding Line Items By Item#, Item Name, 3 Level Relational Categories, Customer Part# or Vendor Item#.

Automatic Selling Price - Selling Prices Are Automatically Calculated Based Upon Established Customer Price Level, Quantity Price or Contact Price. They Can Even Be Changed On-The-Fly.

Automatic Commission Tracking - Commissions Are Automatically Calculated when an Order is Invoiced. Commissions Can Be Calculated Down to the Specific Item Sold and/or Based Upon Sell Price, Profit and/or Date Paid.

eCommerce Order Entry Import - Internet, Internet, Internet! Everybody’s talking Internet and BSA is listening. eCommerce Interface Engine will allow you to integrate your online shopping cart with the ORDERS Plus. More….

Credit Card Processing - Enter Credit Card Information Directly Into ORDERS Plus. Save Time By Immediately Processing a Credit Card Transaction Directly from ORDERS Plus. Typical Processing Time is Less Than 5 Seconds if using IP Based Merchant Processor. More..

Service & Equipment Tracking - Your Technicians will have detailed Service History before they leave for the customer’s site. The ORDERS Plus Service & Equipment Tracking System tracks everything from Make, Model and Serial# to Warranty Expiration and Contract Termination dates. These features are also suitable for a corporate MIS department responsible for managing computer systems within the company. More…

Quote & Sales Order Duplication - Data Entry Time is reduced by establishing Quote Templates or when a Customer places a Repeat order. Duplicate Any Quote or Order with a click of the mouse.

Job Costing System - The ORDERS Plus Job Costing System is specifically designed for companies requiring Detailed Tracking of Purchase and Sales Transactions back to a specific job for up-to-date cost and income information. More…

Counter Sales - Perfect for Wholesale Distributors that also have a city counter. It is a front end to the ORDERS Plus Invoicing System and allows the user to quickly handle walk-in customers and print an invoice. It also supports the use of scanners and barcodes for quick data entry.

Rental Management - Perfect for Companies that also have the need to manage hourly, daily or weekly equipment rentals. Now there’s a powerful order processing and inventory control system that can handle rentals too.

Other Features

  • Display Last Price Paid During Entry
  • Display On-Screen Customer Sales History
  • Automatic Freight Calculation Based Upon Item Weight
  • Attach Document, Fax or PDF to Quote, Order or Invoice
  • Print Line & Print Sort Order Options Per Line Item
  • Powerful Quote Selling Price Re-Calculation Features
  • Unique Shipping Date Per Line Item
  • Full Support for Partial Shipments
  • Automatic or User-Defined Transaction Numbers
  • Service and Equipment Tracking
  • Search by Customer PO# and other Criteria
  • Pick Tickets, Packing Lists and Service Tickets
  • Edit Description, Cost and Price “On-The-Fly”
  • Laser Quality Forms and Reports

It’s No Wonder, ORDERS Plus is the Choice of Growing Distribution, Manufacturers and Service Companies World Wide. ORDERS Plus has made a difference for them…It Can Make a Difference For You!