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The *ORDERS Plus Lot Tracking System * was designed for the tracking of item lots outbound, when those items are invoiced only. This will provide the user the ability to track lots that have been sold for recall purposes or for any reason the customer may need to determine the exact lot they purchased from the ORDERS Plus user.

The Lot Tracking System was intended for the tracking of inventory items that have been sold, either stock or non-stock items. This will allow the user to track specific batches or lots that are sold and the customers who purchased them.

The ORDERS Plus Lot Tracking System is integrated with the sales system and allows the user to indicate which lots and respective lot numbers were sold on an invoice to a customer. This information also prints on the customer’s invoice.

Several Reports are also included that allow the user to review Lot History By Item Sold, Lot History By Item Sold To Specific Customer, Lot History Sold to Specific Customer and much more…