Is ORDERS Plus Business Software right for your business?

ORDERS Plus Business Software is a great fit for many businesses. Find out if it's the right choice for you! Are you looking for a ORDERS Plus Business Software demo, technical support, product or pricing information or to simply to compare ORDERS Plus Business Software with competitive options? Quickly get answers and the information you need.

The ORDERS Plus Contact and Document Management Systems will Increase Sales, Reduce Cost and Improve Productivity by managing Daily Schedules, Contact Information, Documents and Communication between Staff, Customers, Prospects and Vendors.

Schedule Notes, Meetings, Calls and To-do’s - Scheduling Follow-ups and Building Dynamic Contact History with Customers, Prospects and Vendors is a Strong Relationship Building Tool that adds great value to your company and outstanding customer service.

Today’s Outlook - Daily Schedules and Inter-Office Communications are dramatically improved because each Rep has their own On-Screen Personal Task List that displays their current tasks scheduled for today and past due tasks. Managers are also more effective because they can easily review any individual’s task list and contact history on screen. They can even produce detailed printed reports of the same information.

Attach Documents, E-mail, Faxes & Sound Clips - Misunderstandings and Communication problems are eliminated with built-in Document Management. Documents, Faxes, Voice Mails and Emails can attached to contact records and reviewed easily with a click of the mouse.

Demographic Information

Our Demographic Features further define Customer, Prospect and Vendor Profiles. Your Sales Team will quickly know the answers to: “Where did this lead come from?” “How many Employees do they have?” “What Type of Company is this?” “What Products do they supply?” etc. There are also 11 User Definable fields that further allow you to refine a profile specific to your company’s needs.

Other Features

  • Unlimited Contact Names, Phone, Fax, E-Mail and Web Site
  • Send E-mail to the Selected Customer, Prospect or Vendor
  • Maintain Unlimited Ship To Addresses
  • Perform a Mail Merge Using Any Popular Word Processor
  • Automatic Entry of City and State when Zip Code Entered
  • Print Standard or Custom Labels with Post Net Barcodes

Whether taking an order, entering notes, doing follow-ups, reading a fax, creating a letter or simply examining a company profile, this valuable information at your fingertips will improve and streamline your sales and purchasing efforts. Not to mention, the ORDERS Plus Contact and Document Management Systems integrate directly with Order Processing and Accounting. Combined, you’ll have one of the most powerful CRM systems available today.