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The ORDERS Plus Credit Card Processing System is specifically designed for companies that take credit cards for payment when a customer places an order. Credit Card Processing will automatically, verify and process a sale transaction. It even saves the approval code for future reference.

If your merchant service also supports communications via the internet, Credit Card Processing can take less than 5 seconds to complete. Other transactions supported include Credit Transactions, Voids, Pre-Authorizations, Procurement and Reversals.

After a credit card order has been placed, you can select a menu option to verify the card. The Credit Card Processing software will then call your credit card network, verify the card and process the transaction with a simple click of the mouse. Complete historical information and transaction reports are also included. Merchant’s account, modem, and phone line is required.

The ORDERS Plus Credit Card Processing module will only process SALE transactions. The module will not process credit memos, voids, pre-authorization, procurement, or reversal transactions. You must maintain these processes manually with the credit card processing software PC Charge.

The ORDERS Plus Credit Card Processing System is perfect for Mail Order Companies. It is a simple as 1, 2, 3.