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The ORDERS Plus Contract Pricing System allows you to create a unique customer selling price that goes beyond the standard six levels of pricing available within Inventory Control. Typically, the six levels of selling price determined on an inventory record reflect standard company discounts.

Contract Pricing allows a special selling price to be established for a specific item being purchased by a specific customer. For example, you may have a customer that is purchasing much larger quantities than the norm and you want to provide them with a unique and special price. To solve this problem, you can select the Contract Pricing module when viewing that customer and establish the pricing details.

The Contract Price is automatically used for all quotes, sales orders and invoices for that specific customer when purchasing the specified item.

  • Automatically Create Contract Prices From a Quote
  • Duplicate Contract Price Grid for Another Customer
  • Customer Price List
  • View All Customers with Contract Prices
  • Unlimited Special Contract Prices per Customer
  • Automatic Notification when Contract Price is Applied
  • Pricing by Item Displays all Contract-Priced Items
  • Easy Maintenance Functions

Give your company the competitive edge to manage special pricing requirements easily and effectively by using the ORDERS Plus Contract Pricing module. Get yours today!