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  • Point of Sale Software For Networks and the Internet
  • Point of Sale Software Includes Documentation and Help Screens


  • Point of Sale: Requires Accounts Receivable and Inventory. User defined transactions to fit specific sales requirements. User defined invoice format to fit standard invoice or 40 column printer.
  • Up to 9 unit prices per item and customer contract pricing.
  • Automatic Posting to General Ledger.
  • Handles multiple tax authorities.
  • Allows mixed payment transactions.
  • Transaction Code Entry: Used to set up codes for sales, returns, paid on account, credit memos, debit memos, finance charges, discount, layaways and gift certificates. A rate or set price may be entered. Split commissions and commission percents.
  • Register Account Entry: Used for entering individual register setup information.
  • Invoice History Inquiry: Displays point of sale transactions by invoice number, customer account, customer name, invoice date or stock number.
  • Interface:
    • Interfaces to General Ledger.
    • Interfaces to Accounts Receivable.
    • Interfaces to Inventory.
  • Build Report:
    • Used for creating simple reports.
    • Standard Reports
  • Register Close Out: Prints daily summary of transactions for each cash register.
  • Detailed Sales Recap: Prints a report of sales and receipts for a given day for all registers.
  • Transaction Code Report: Prints the transaction billing codes.
  • Credit Card Report: Prints the credit card names that have been entered and can be used in Point of Sale Entry.
  • Register Control Report: Prints the cash register setup information.
  • Mailing List Labels: Prints the name of address of customers on labels.
  • Register Statistics: Prints a daily summary of transactions for all cash registers.
  • Layaway Report: Prints all or selected open layaways.
  • Gift Certificate Report: Prints all or selected gift certificates.
  • Credit Card Transactions: Prints a report of credit card accumulations to date.
  • Sales Analysis Report: Prints the accumulated M-T-D AND Y-T-D customers sales.

Other Applications

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"Retail Software" is part of the Business Software Accounting line of products, developed by Business Software.