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  • Includes a Robust Inventory Management System.
  • Allows Periodic Cycle Counting.
  • Prints Cycle Count Discrepancy Reports.
  • Automatically Adjusts Inventory Based On Cycle Counts.
  • Prints Reports Comparing Inventory Used In Sales To Inventory Used Based On Cycle Counting. This Helps You Identify Food Waste/Loss and Helps You Correct Inaccurate Recipes.
  • Supports Daily Inventory Snap Shot Reports. You Can Look at Inventory Quantities For Any Date. Supports Remote Inventory Scanning Using a Hand Held Computer/Scanner and Allows Inventory Updating Based On Scanned Inventory.
  • Allows You To View a Log Of Manual Inventory Changes To See When Changes Were Made To Inventory.
  • Prints Food Cost Reports. Shows Item Revenue as a Percentage of Sales. Shows Item category Revenue as a Percentage of Sales etc..
  • Tracks Food Waste and Prints Food Waste Report.
  • Includes a Robust Inventory Management System, With Cycle Counting, with Inventory Discrepancy Reports, with Perpetual Vs Periodic Inventory Reports, with Inventory Snap Shot Support, with Remote Inventory Scanning And with Inventory Change Logging.
  • Supports Equipment Maintenance Including Scheduling Preventative Maintenance And Logging Repairs.

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