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Many customers today need a printed price book for their customers. Well, VELOCITY fills the bill for this situation. VELOCITY will print out a Price Book that can be presented to customers. It is NOT, not just a listing of the inventory file. Many systems will print a listing of the inventory but not VELOCITY. The individual can select what needs on the listed on the price book.

VELOCITY Price Book: Present Customer with correct Pricing; Eliminate Credit Risks.

  • The Price Book is sorted by category, sub category then by the products name. If the name is exactly the same, as the name of the item, then item name will be printed once.
  • VELOCITY Price Book has a separate inventory description listing that can be different than the inventory description listing.
  • The Price Book has a yes/no designation to say whether the item is to be listed on the Price Book. This gives the user the ability to ability to pick and choose which items are to be listed.
  • The product name is listed on the Price Book.
  • VELOCITY Price Book automatically calculates the sales price for the unit of measure.
  • The unit of sale is listed on the Price Book.

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