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Velocity Supply’s Payroll module gives you the ability to immediately issue invoice to your customers for time spent on a project while at the same time creating the paycheck for the employee. Its user-friendly screens will guide you through the payroll process, thereby making payroll management seem like a walk in the park!

VELOCITY Payroll is a flexible, cost-effective solution to your complex employee needs

  • Weekly and Daily Time Sheets that can calculate Hourly pay, Sick pay, Vacation pay, Overtime pay, and Double Time pay
  • The Payroll Groups form is used to setup groups or templates of existing payroll types Process Pay Groups gives you the flexibility to generate a large number of paychecks by group plus the ability to review and make any last minute changes to the hours worked
  • Through the Print Paychecks form you can print a range of paychecks or a single check
  • Automatically creates the Federal Income Tax, FICA Social Security and FICA Medicare Tax Types
  • Ability to modify Tax Types and create whatever additional types are necessary for your company such as State Income Tax, SUTA, etc
  • Includes a log to track notes regarding employee performance
  • Ability to print employee W2 forms.
  • Create and edit unlimited number of paychecks.
  • Access Employee data from the paycheck form.
  • Select from a range of pay periods such as daily, weekday, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually that can be set for each Employee.
  • The ability to change paycheck taxes, earnings or deductions from the paycheck form.
  • Several methods of searching available from the Search forms.
  • Advanced Custom Criteria in all search forms.
  • Includes all State Tax calculation for the United States.

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