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The Velocity Supply Inventory module allows you better management of your inventory, warehouses and component parts. It showcases sophisticated pricing features that give you nearly unlimited flexibility in pricing your items. You can even charge a different price for each inventory item for every customer and Velocity Supply will keep track of it for you. Velocity Supply can even handle the requirements of stringent “chain stores” that require their SKU number on each transaction document. For manufacturers, Velocity Supply has a complete “Build Assembly” feature that quickly turns your raw materials into finished product.

VELOCITY Inventory Control helps you save time and money while improving customer service.

  • VELOCITY Inventory Control helps you save time and money while improving customer service.
  • You’ll be able to locate items easily. Item lookup is as simple as a keyword or keying in a portion of the item number, description, lot or serial number, product code, or serial number, product code, or vendor name. These lookups are also available during order and invoice entry.
  • You may designate selected individual items as serialized. The system has full capability to enter, store, inquire, and report serialized.
  • You’ll have flexible product costing. Multiple costs are maintained for each item. Select the average, last purchase, or standard cost, and then either the LIFO or FIFO cost for unlimited levels. For serial- or lot-numbered items, the system also allows costing at a specific item’s actual cost.
  • You can make informed decisions with up-to-date vendor purchasing information. Costs, quantity breaks, last purchase history, and manufacturer’s part number are maintained for an unlimited number of vendors for each item. Save time and increase sales with the alternate/superceded parts cross reference. The convenient cross reference of part numbers for alternate or superceded parts is provided when you interface with VELOCITY Order/Invoice Processing.
  • Easily convert units of purchase to units of sale by receiving items in units of purchase from the supplier and then automatically converting them by a factor to units of sale.
  • You’ll have the option to define your own product categories. For selective reporting of inventory and sales information, you simply categorize inventory items into the product groups and item classes you choose. Quickly update quantities in stock using the Inventory Adjustment form
  • Advanced re-order reports gives you sales order history as well as stock information, allowing you to make informed buying decisions
  • Multiple units of measure can be defined for an item i.e. each, case, carton, pallet
  • Units of measure can have their own pricing
  • Catagorize inventory by Groups and Sub-groups
  • Handles inventory kitting and build Assemblies

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