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Gain complete financial control of your business with the VELOCITY Software General Ledger application. As the cornerstone of your accounting system, General Ledger smoothly integrates with all other VELOCITY applications for automatic posting of general ledger transactions — no double posting. For easy data access, a full-featured financial report generator is included. VELOCITY General Ledger provides an accurate, detailed record of all entries, giving you a complete audit trail.

VELOCITY General Ledger provides easy data accessibility and flexible reporting

  • Maintain separate books for multiple companies! You can use either different or the same account number structures and financial report formats, and you can easily consolidate financial reports for multiple companies.
  • You can use the flexible account number structure to assign account numbers up to twenty characters long number.
  • You’ll have the flexibility to make journal entries as needed, with all recurring entries made in one quick step at month-end. The journal entries can be automatically reversed; you can also tailor journal descriptions to fit your specific business needs.
  • Define accounting periods with complete flexibility; a fiscal year can have as few as one or as many as 13 accounting periods open at the same time. Corrections and balancing for one period can take place during data entry for another period.
  • You can create your own financial reports that are independent of your chart of accounts structure. VELOCITY’s flexible, easy-to-use report formatting lets you print budgets, dollar amounts, variances, percentages, and dollar/unit ratio information. Share the totals on any report with other reports, and print financial reports on demand.
  • Run General Ledger reports for any period of any year (prior, current, or next). Beginning and ending period and fiscal year selections allow reporting by month, quarter, or year. You can capture only the information you need by entering beginning and ending account numbers, or for maximum flexibility, select wildcard account numbers.
  • Save time with optional batched entry and processing of journal entries and allocation entries.
  • All transactions done throughout VELOCITY Supply Software will be displayed in the General Ledger.
  • General Ledger segmentation can be used for Departments, Divisions, Regions, Cost Centers, etc.
  • A budget can be created for each account in the Chart of Accounts for each month of the current year to keep close track of your numbers
  • The General Journal form allows transactions to be entered that aren’t specific to the Checkbook, Sales, Purchases and Inventory areas of the program
  • The Bank Reconciliation form displays account information, allowing the user to easily reconcile all bank and credit card accounts
  • Bank and Credit Card Account Lists allow a user to easily view bank and credit card accounts grouped together showing account balances

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