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UnForm is a unique page enhancement tool which turns regular Add+On VELOCITY Software forms and reports into great looking documents with shading, lines, bolding, text manipulation and other attributes.

  • Get rid of pre-printed forms.
  • Use low-cost laser printer output on plain paper.
  • Dress up financials statements.
  • Highlight old balances on customer statements.
  • Send different copies of the same report or form to different devices.
  • Print bar-code labels on Zebra® printers.
  • Print checks with MICR encoding.
  • Output reports to HTML for web or intranet display.
  • Works with any PCL5 compatible device, including HP Laserjet III and above.
  • Works with VSI-Fax, Fax-Fx and Faximum.

Give your forms and reports a face-lift, without any code changes! A simple rule file determines which reports are enhanced (and which ones aren’t) by using an intelligent text analyzer. This minimizes the amount of system configuration changes required. In UNIX, UnForm acts as a pipe, accepting standard output from Add+On VELOCITY Software and sending enhanced output to the spooler, device or file. In Windows, UnForm processes the text file and sends enhanced output to any printer device, including Windows fax.

Here’s an example of how easy it is

Your accounting department is printing invoices. UnForm detects an invoice number and date in your invoice print program, turning on the invoice format. The format adds shading and boxes, good-looking fonts, a title and logos, sending the output to your laser printer. The result looks as good or better than your old pre-printed forms, at far less cost.


  • UnForm can fax an invoice to your customer, and print one or more copies on your accounting department’s laser printer - at the same time!
  • Print shipping labels at the same time you print shipping documents or pick lists.
  • Add customer instructions when certain items appear on an invoice.

Easy Installation

  • Downloading and setup take just a few minutes.
  • Printer configuration is simple.
  • Create a rule file and UnForm does the rest.

Easy Setup of the Rule File

  • Print a copy of any report or form with the grid option, which displays exact text positions.
  • Determine what makes the report unique and add that information to the rule file.
  • Add all of the attributes you like - shading, bolding, device destinations and fonts.
  • UnForm does the rest.


  • Add+On VELOCITY Software Version 6.0 or better
  • BBx PRO/5 or VISUAL PRO/5
  • UnForm utilizes one user count while processing a report or form.

UnForm is a product of Synergetic Data Systems, Inc.

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