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In today’s competitive economic world, the ability to provide excellent customer service can separate the successful from the pack. TeleMaster Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, from Add+On Software, enables you to efficiently plan, schedule, and manage marketing and customer service activities for both customers and prospects.

TeleMaster, which is fully integrated with your other Add+On Software applications, provides the data fields and other tools for keeping track of upcoming marketing activities sorted by customer service representative for maximum efficiency (five different sorts are available).

Best of all, TeleMaster keeps all of your company information securely on your main company server, rather than scattered among personal computers. And, like all Add+OnSoftware applications, TeleMaster includes the source code and complete technical documentation, allowing enhancements and customization by your reseller or service provider.

TeleMaster Customer Relationship Management can help you provide superior customer service

  • Enable the integration of customer service activities (using contact management) with sales order fulfillment (from the accounting system). For example, to provide for follow up with customers to whom sales orders have been shipped to be sure the orders arrived successfully.
  • Provide the ability to manage mailings to groups of prospects, customers, and contacts, with the selective printing of labels, tracking of literature activities, scheduling of follow-up calls, and status tracking.
  • Provide customer sales and item information from the company’s accounting and sales database at the touch of a button, just when a salesperson or customer service representative needs it.
  • Store prospect information in your company’s main database, including up to 21 user-defined fields, without disturbing or interfering with the accounting information about customers.
  • Keep track of marketing-related information about customers separate from accounting-related information, including multiple contact names, addresses, and job titles, dated notes and comments, contact activities, marketing and sales ticklers, and other marketing and sales activities.
  • Automatically generate a Customer record when a prospect becomes a customer
  • Enable all of the company’s sales and customer service people to use a shared database, rather than each having their own separate island of information on their personal computers
  • TeleMaster is accessible over the web from remote locations.

Telemaster Tasks include

  • TeleMaster Contact Maintenance
  • Customer Service Request Code Maintenance
  • Lead Source Code Maintenance
  • Contact Interest Code Maintenance
  • Literature Code Maintenance
  • TeleMaster Label Printing
  • TeleMaster Contact Purge
  • TeleMaster Comments Purge
  • TeleMaster Parameter Maintenance

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"Telemaster (Customer Relationship Management)" is part of the Add+On VELOCITY line of products, developed by Business Software International.

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