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The Add+On VELOCITY Software Administrator module is the foundation upon which all Add+On VELOCITY applications are built. It is required for the proper first-time installation of any of the twenty other Add+On VELOCITY modules and must be included with the first-time purchase. Administrator contains the Add+On VELOCITY menu system, system configurations, and special features such as SpeedSearch and Executive Summary. Once Administrator is installed, additional Add+On VELOCITY modules can be added at any time.

Take advantage of the special system-wide features included in the Add+On VELOCITY Administrator module

You can activate SpeedSearch, an immediate data inquiry feature, from any point on the screen. You’ll be able to browse through any customer, inventory, order, vendor, or purchase order information without leaving your current task. Pop-up windows are available for your convenience.

Take a “snapshot“ view of your company’s financial details by accessing Executive Summary through SpeedSearch. Accounts receivable, accounts payable, orders, sales, and inventory availability information is displayed. You can view totals for several months or in a monthly day-by-day breakdown.

Add+On VELOCITY tasks can be left temporarily from any input field and an external ”desktop“ application can be entered. Desktop options can be tailored to meet your company’s needs and allow access to word processing, electronic mail, project management, or other similar tasks.

Administrator Features

  • You’ll have fast, easy access to file-verified fields with inquiry windows. When allowed responses in a field are limited, a display of the acceptable responses will be available. There are several methods with which you can seek a valid response, whether by name, company, telephone, territory, etc. A keyword search is also available.
  • You can view the print image of a report on your terminal in a readable format with the Print to Screen feature. It allows you to scroll from side to side or up and down; skip directly to the bottom to review totals. Print images may be printed and/or retained for as long as desired. Save time by running multiple reports, queuing them together in a batch, and printing them when the resources are available.
  • Help is activated or deactivated by company and may be different for each company. Online help is available in a hierarchical structure, providing global help, help by menu and by task, and for the specific overlay being run. An index of defined topics is available.
  • Use the calculator feature just as you would any office calculator and return the results to your Add+On VELOCITY numeric values. The calculator uses several alphanumeric and function keys on your keyboard to replace such common calculator keys as Memory Recall and Clear All. A list of the replacement keys is available whenever the calculator is being used.
  • You can control the security and confidentiality of your system. The security structure is based on passwords and a matrix of security levels. Each menu and SpeedSearch option allows only those employees with the appropriate clearance to access information.
  • Process information for a single business entity or for multiple companies. All Add+On VELOCITY Software has this capability.
  • You’ll be able to define your screen appearance. Input fields can be displayed between brackets or they can be highlighted. For terminals capable of color display, colors can be specified for screen and window foreground and background.
  • You can capture screen images and send them to the active printer simply by pressing F8.
  • Float from terminal to terminal and your printer assignments stay with you. Printer assignments are made by user, and up to eighteen printers may be assigned to each user ID.
  • The Printer and Font selection windows support the use of the Page Up and Page Down keys, so the maximum number of fonts per printer is limited only by the number of printable characters.

Hardware & Software Requirements

Hardware: It is recommended that all networks have a dedicated server. A peer-to-peer network using Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT or Windows XP may be used for a small network up to around six users. If speed becomes an issue, the peer-to-peer BBx can be upgraded to a Client Server version. Minimum hardware requirements for a network server is: Pentium II 300 MHz, 500 Mb Memory, 1 Gb SCSI Disk Drive. Clients PC.s should have 10 Mb of Memory free to run Add+On VELOCITY.

PROGRESSION/5™ (UNIX/LINUX) or BBPROGRESSION/5 version 2.0 or later. Add+On VELOCITY version 6.0 , BBxPROGRESSION/4 may also be installed and run using BB Visual/PRO 5 for Windows; however, some operating system interfaces may function differently or may not be fully implemented.

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