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Increase your sales and your profits with the Add+On VELOCITY Software Sales Analysis application. You’ll get up to two years of fast, accurate sales information instantly. You can analyze sales, cost of goods sold, and gross profit for customers, products, vendors, salespeople, and territories. All the information you want is available on-line or in printed form.

Analyze and interpret sales figures with flexible, easy-to-use formats

  • You can quickly analyze the performance of your business. Sales Analysis provides a timely, accurate sales history in flexible formats that are easy to retrieve. Use the Executive Summary display to see day-by-day sales information, or use
  • Add+On VELOCITY SpeedSearch pop-up windows from any entry screen to view a complete sales history for any customer or product.
  • You’ll be able to identify customer purchasing patterns and determine the best programs to take advantage of them. Rolling 12-month sales reports for customers and products help you pinpoint sales trends, then let you react quickly to the demands of a changing market.
  • Easily monitor your profit levels by comparing sales and cost of sales data by product line, salesperson, territory, and a host of other methods.
  • Sales Analysis provides easy access to complete sales information for in-depth analysis, informed marketing decisions, and more sales
  • You decide how much data you want to collect and then use it to increase sales and profits. When you integrate with Add+On VELOCITY’s Report Writer application, you have the ability to message and sort information in almost unlimited ways.
  • You’ll stay current on sales data with the ability to store unlimited years of information. Sales dollars, units, and costs are stored for each period of the fiscal years, and the gross profit margin is calculated on all sales analysis reports.
  • You can collect in-depth sales analysis information for each customer and then summarize it by product category or by inventory item.
  • Quickly review the performance of sales personnel by summarizing 24 months of sales by product category for each salesperson.
  • You’ll be able to keep track of sales in each geographic area. Summarize sales by product category for each territory, and find out which types of products moved best in which area.
  • You can choose to store sales analysis information by individual inventory item within a product category, or you can summarize it by product category.
  • Flexible parameters let you choose which sales analysis information to collect, based on your specific needs and the available disk storage.
  • You’ll be able to pinpoint which vendors’ products are selling and verify that you’re getting the best margins. Summarize individual vendor sales by product category or specific item to stay on top of things.
  • Quickly review your product mix with a specialized product trending report that analyzes 12 months of sales for each item. You can print sales dollars or units sold in this spreadsheet report.
  • You’ll know your customers’ buying habits, and you’ll be able to help them plan future purchases with a rolling 12-month trending report. Items purchased in this period are shown with dollar or unit totals for each customer.
  • Collect and report sales information conveniently, either by profit center or by department. You simply associate a distribution code with each customer to identify the profit center.
  • You can divide your customer base into various types and then collect information for each type of customer group and product code combination.
  • Tailor a marketing plan to past purchasers by running the Add+On VELOCITY Sales Analysis Report. It shows you which customers purchased specific items; you can then use those names as your target market.
  • Identify your most profitable customers and areas. A report provides sales and cost-of-goods sold figures for each territory and customer within those territories, showing not only the largest accounts, but also the most profitable ones.

Sales Analysis Reports include

  • Sales Analysis by Customer
  • Sales Analysis by Territory
  • Sales Analysis by Product
  • Sales Analysis by Salesperson
  • Sales Analysis by Stocking Vendor
  • Sales Analysis by Distribution Code
  • Sales Analysis by Customer Type
  • Sales Analysis by Customers within Territory
  • 12 Month Sales Analysis by Customer
  • 12 Month Sales Analysis by Product
  • Sales Analysis by Product, Item, or Customer
  • Sales Analysis by Customer Ship-To
  • Sales Analysis by SIC
  • Sales Analysis by Warehouse
  • Sales Analysis by Non-Stock Item Number

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