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Delivery mistakes, no matter how small cost you money. VELOCITY will give you the control to eliminate these mistakes and other unnecessary manual tasks associated with your delivery of products to customers. Automate and streamline this process and you will eliminate delivery mistakes, reduce wasted time handling delivery paperwork, eliminate time reentering invoice data and organize loading and unloading of delivery vehicles. Add+On VELOCITY does what your warehouse and delivery personnel attempt to do manually but with more accuracy and reliability. With the confirmation of orders to be shipped, VELOCITY provides Customer Service or Sales with which orders have been loaded for delivery.

Improve customer service, reduce labor costs, and streamline your delivery process

The Batch Pick Report will provide your warehouse and delivery personnel a comprehensive list of items to be picked for a Route delivery. Ensure that all the items for a route have been picked and eliminate wasted time traveling the warehouse picking the same item for separate orders at different times. Pick the total number of an item once, and take them to the staging area. The Load List provides your warehouse and delivery personnel a list of how the items are to be loaded on the vehicle so they can be quickly retrieved when the delivery is made. A quick and easy confirmation process tells everyone what has been loaded and ready for delivery. After the deliveries have been made, instantly bill all of the orders on the route.

Salespeople and Customer Service will be more effective because they’ll have instant access to information about the status of orders. Warehouse and delivery personnel now have a very easy way of processing delivery orders. Accounting does not have to enter information on what was shipped to that invoices can be produced. After implementing VELOCITY you will ask yourself why you haven’t automated this area of your business before. You will also ask yourself, how can VELOCITY make this so easy; and we had such problems picking, loading and delivering before.

Route and Delivery Processing: Increase Customer Satisfaction; Increase Labor Efficiency; Eliminate Redundant Tasks.

  • Route and Stop information is entered in the system by Customer Ship-to. When a sales order is entered, the information in the route maintenance file is automatically attached to the order. The Salesperson can change this route on a specific order or even set the order to be delivered by some way other than the Route Delivery.
  • Orders to be delivered await printing on the Batch Pick Report. All of the orders to be delivered on the route, by date, are printed on the report so that the all of the items on orders can be filled and staged for loading onto the delivery vehicle.
  • The Load List report can be generated before loading the delivery vehicle. This report can be run in ascending or descending Stop order.
  • Pick/Delivery Tickets can be printed by selecting one or multiple options - route, up to a certain ship date, by warehouse in ascending or descending order.
  • The VELOCITY Delivery system provides for a confirmation of shipment process. Items that are confirmed are automatically moved to a delivery vehicle inventory. If the items were not delivered to the customer they are taken out of the confirmation process.
  • Route billing is an automated process. The automatic billing of all orders that were delivered in a Route are processed. After the Route is selected for billing, a process is run and the Route invoices are ready for printing.
  • Before the Sales Register is processed, any corrections to invoices, either standard invoices or Route invoices may be changed. Invoices can be changed even after they are printed and then reprinted.
  • The Sales Register may be printed in either customer or invoice number order; you choose!

Route and Delivery Processing Reports include

  • Batch Pick Report
  • Load List Report
  • Packing Slip Print
  • Shipping Schedule Report
  • Order Detail Report
  • Invoice Edit Report
  • Sales Register
  • Buyer History Report

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