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Gain complete control of your company’s purchasing functions with the Add+On VELOCITY Software Purchase Order Processing application. From replenishment analysis to printing, receiving, and payment, Purchase Order Processing is a comprehensive system that helps you reduce costs and eliminate errors as you improve customer service.

Your purchase order system is also integrated with the job system.

Reduce expenses and increase your buying power

You can enter purchase orders simply and efficiently. Track open purchase orders and identify potentially late shipments before they actually become late, and easily recall a list of purchase orders for any item or for any vendor. You’re immediately informed of all outstanding items through reports sorted by vendor or item. The Expediting Report highlights all past due items.

Reduce inventory costs as you optimize inventory levels and increase inventory turns. Automatic replenishment processing creates a “suggested buy” report that you can use to determine what, when, and how much to buy to get the best purchase price.

Who are your best vendors? You can identify them by tracking vendor performance history, and you’ll have the ability to analyze who delivers on time and at the promised cost. You’ll negotiate the best terms and save money with complete purchase and receipt histories. When you interface to Add+On VELOCITY Accounts Payable, you’re sure to pay the right price every time you buy.

Purchase Order Processing lets you get control of outstanding purchase orders and improve planning

  • The Purchase order system is integrated with the Apparatus Repair System.
  • Enter purchase orders quickly and easily with the on-screen lookup of vital information. You’ll have flexible purchase order entry with the Stock, Non-Stock, Other, and Message line types. For accurate price information, the last purchase cost for each vendor is always used as a default for the next purchase order.
  • Tracking purchase requests is easy with Purchase Requisition Entry. You can print a requisition, approve it, and then generate a PO automatically. Manufacturing companies can take advantage of requisitions generated by MRP or Shop Floor Control.
  • You can track lot or serial numbers directly from their receipt by entering serial or lot numbers as soon as the PO is received.
  • You can track lot or serial numbers directly from their receipt by entering serial or lot numbers as soon as the PO is received.
  • For maximum efficiency, you can enter multiple shipments of the same item, with multiple required dates on the same purchase order. Apply multiple receipts against a single invoice.
  • You’ll have the option to allow partial or full shipping with a straightforward receiving process, and you can easily locate purchase orders with simple vendor and purchase order lookups.
  • You’ll appreciate the flexibility and convenience of on-demand purchase order printing.
  • Save time by applying multiple receipts to the same purchase order for the same date without posting.
  • Keep accurate track of each inventory item with a complete history of issued purchase orders and receipts; this history is retained until the operator purges it.
  • You’ll be able to determine future cash demand with the Cash Requirements Report. You can also project cash requirements by vendor and purchase order number in summary format, or include purchase order detail.
  • Fill customer backorders quickly and determine priorities with the Suggested Backorder Fill Report. Use this report to determine which customer backorders can be filled and in what priority sequence.
  • It’s easier to prevent critical shortages and accelerate purchase order receipts with the Purchase Order Expediting Report. It lists all items scheduled through a particular date but not yet received.
  • Drop shipments to multiple locations may be entered and attached to a specific sales order and related line item for better auditing.
  • You’ll be able to make shrewd purchasing decisions with help from the automatic replenishment feature. Get the best prices, prevent stockouts, reduce the number of purchase orders, and decrease inventory costs by maintaining optimal stocking levels. The system analyzes inventory data and buying parameters, making purchasing recommendations based on minimum purchase amount, maximum stocking level, line point, EOQ, usage, and safety stock.
  • Improve your quality control! An optional two-stage receiving process gives you the ability to assign reason codes for rejected items.

Purchase Order Processing Reports include

  • Replenishment Report
  • Purchase Requisition Printing
  • Purchase Order Printing
  • Purchase Order Receipts Register
  • Suggested Backorder Fill Report
  • Open Purchase Requisition Report
  • Open Purchase Order Report
  • Open Purchase Orders by Item Report
  • Purchase Order Cash Requirements

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