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PrintPLUS enables you to keep up in today’s fast-paced world and improve levels of service to your customers and vendors, by integrating email and fax capabilities with your Add+On Software system.

Now you can send Sales Quotes by email or fax, right from your workstation, from within Add+On Software. And that’s only the beginning! You can also send Purchase Orders by email or fax, you can fax or email customer invoices, and much more. You can also use PrintPLUS to produce PDF or HTML output. Using the Add+On Software Web Kit? With PrintPLUS, generating documents for your web site is as easy as selecting a printer!

In fact, any document, report or form that is produced by Add+On Software (Version 6.x) can be printed, faxed, emailed, or any combination thereof, to one or more recipients, all automatically, through a pre-established setup or on the fly. This new functionality can improve the productivity of your entire company team and at the same time save dramatically on the cost of forms and postage.

PrintPLUS provides superior document management for your Add+On Software system

  • Automatically fax or email documents For customers to whom you always want to send invoices by email or fax, or for vendors to whom you always want to email or fax POs, you can establish a “standing” relationship in the Customer or Vendor Masterfile. This way, you tell the system to always send the specific form or report in that method. The savings on pre-printed forms and mailing costs can be dramatic, plus you get the added benefit of instant delivery of your invoice or PO, which can improve cash flow!
  • Send documents, reports or forms on the fly To send a document by fax or email on a one-time basis, simply select the appropriate printer. The system then prompts for the email address or fax recipient and fax number. This option is especially good for sending a copy of a past-due invoice, a PO to a new vendor, or an aging to a delinquent customer.
  • Print File Copies Any time you fax or email a document, you can also specify to the system to print (or email) a copy for your own files.
  • Send documents to multiple recipients PrintPLUS gives you the capability to email, fax, and print, on plain paper and on pre-printed forms, or any combination of these options, to one or multiple recipients. For example, you could email a past-due invoice to the customer’s payables clerk and to the owner at the same time (with different email addresses)
  • Track fax and email activity by date or sender using the Activity Log PrintPLUS keeps a history of documents it has sent, so you can trace back and see what documents were sent when, and who sent them. The Activity Log also keeps track of errors that might have occurred when attempting to send via email or fax.

PrintPLUS Tasks include

  • Report Name Maintenance
  • Vendor Report Control Maintenance
  • Customer Report Control Maintenance
  • Customer/Vendor Email and Fax File Maintenance
  • Email/Fax Activity Log
  • Purge Email/Fax Activity Log

System Requirements

  • Add+On Software (v6.0.8 or later)
  • PRO/5 (v2.1 or later)
  • UnForm® V4.1 or later)
  • VSI-FAX (v4.0 or later if faxing is desired)
  • Access to an e-mail server and the internet

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PrintPLUS is available for UNIX, Linux, Windows and NT operating systems and includes an optional interface with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order/Invoice Processing, Purchase Orders and Inventory Control

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