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Providing Material Data Safety Sheets to customers can be a painful but necessary part of distributing chemicals in today’s marketplace. Let VELOCITY keep track of when you need to send a new Material Safety Data Sheet to your customers. VELOCITY will save you all of the tedious time you have spent trying to track when a customer orders an item for the first time or a formulation has been changed and this is the first time your customer has reordered the item and needs a new sheet.

Eliminate tracking costs and increase reliability of your reporting obligations

The Sales Order Pick ticket process automatically checks to see if this is the first time a customer has ordered an item that required a Material Safety Data Sheet. The Same process checks to see if the date on the Material Safety Data Sheet has changed and this is the first time that the customer has reordered the product. The system automatically prepares a list of the sheets needed to be provided to customers. With a PCL compatible printer (HP LaserJet), you can print any MSDS document. This on demand print of Material Safety Data Sheets will eliminate countless hours making copies, filing the copies and then pulling the copies when they are needed for an order.

Material Safety Data Sheet Processing: Eliminate waste in labor and materials; Implement an Efficient Process.

  • The Inventory Description file keeps track of a Material Safety Data Sheet index number. This information also has a date that the sheet was prepared.
  • When a pick ticket is printed, VELOCITY checks to see if this is the first time a customer has ordered the product and if a Material Safety Data Sheet is required for the inventory item.
  • VELOCITY also checks the date on the Material Safety Data Sheet against the reorder of items by a customer. If a new sheet is required it is automatically printed on the MSDS requirement Report.
  • Add+On VELOCITY prints a MSDS document by using a “Print to File” printer in windows using a HP LaserJet 4 or 5 driver. With this configuration you can take a document in any format with a reader or editor (or graphic file) and print from Add+On VELOCITY.
  • If Unform Page enhancement software is installed as an option to the standard system, scanned or other type documents can be attached to the Material Safety Data Sheet Index number kept in the Inventory Description file. This configuration will print a copy of the required Material Safety Data Sheet.

Material Safety Data Sheet Processing Reports include

  • Material Safety Data Sheet Requirement Report
  • Material Safety Data Sheets if Unform is installed

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