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Generate timely, meaningful reports quickly and easily with this powerful Add+On VELOCITY Software report-writing system. You can perform sort, select, format, subtotal, and process control functions by using keywords, the building blocks that enable GENERAL Report Writer to create sophisticated reports. With full access to all your data files, GENERAL Report Writer can help you sort and analyze information in almost unlimited ways.

Produce meaningful reports quickly and easily

You’ll be able to gain control of your data to assess and analyze all aspects of your business. Combine and sort information from any of your Add+On VELOCITY applications into unique reports and compare the information.

Quickly access information with the LIST and PROMPT modes. You can create an instant report with LIST and highlight any file names, field names, or keywords using full-screen pick and point; your report is printed or displayed immediately. Use the PROMPT mode to easily recall, modify, or copy reports.

Built-in flexibility allows you to easily create custom reports; define your own formats using custom headers and footers. Add any number of data fields in any order and sort on any field or combination of fields. You can also adjust field spacing, stack multiple lines of output, or adjust page dimensions.

GENERAL Report Writer is a simple yet powerful tool used to analyze and improve management of strategic information

  • Select information from any combination of files. You’ll have easy access to multiple files with a LINK feature. You can link from order files to customer files to a salesperson’s file, all within one report! Specify logical selection criteria on any field along the way.
  • It will be easy for you to create reports with the PROMPT mode. Even if you’re a new user, you can quickly build your command with a simple, menu-driven session. Organize data fields into specific groups to further simplify selections. Reports defined using the PROMPT mode can be recalled, modified, or copied at any time.
  • You can output any report or selected data to delimited, ASCII, DIF, or WordPerfect formats for a smooth interface to other systems.
  • The LIST mode offers you full screen pick and point for easy selection, and you’ll have improved readability due to embedded white space and comments.
  • Creating custom reports has never been easier. Design custom headers and footers to include data fields, break values, text, and calculations. You can then paint them on the screen using the PROMPT mode, or easily describe them in the LIST mode.
  • Get instant help at any point with a handy function key. Online help for each command is available throughout the system.
  • Select from the PROMPT, MENU, or COMMAND modes for flexible report creation. The MENU mode runs interactively to prompt each of the basic commands; the COMMAND mode allows you to get the maximum amount of power from a minimum of keystrokes.
  • You’ll be able to customize your menus and give all users access to your new general reports. Simply save commands to any Add+On VELOCITY menu, and for more flexibility you can define run time prompts for data selection criteria.
  • You’ll have the ability to print or view predefined Add+On VELOCITY data definitions in the data dictionaries by using the File, Field, and Dump commands. Add new definitions as you become more familiar with GENERAL Report Writer.
  • You’ll be assured of confidentiality; security levels are assigned to each user. Only users with appropriate clearance have access to information in each file, so you can be sure information won’t fall into the wrong hands.
  • You’ll appreciate the flexibility of system administration. Configuration maintenance lets you define users, devices, parameters, systems, terminals, and printer configurations.
  • You can easily accomplish “what if” analyses by using your actual data and your estimate of changes. Complex expressions can be defined to derive data such as if … then …else logic, calls to external programs, and compound expressions.
  • Want to use GENERAL Report Writer just for selected applications? No problem. Separate data dictionaries are provided.

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