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Add+On VELOCITY is a great fit for many businesses. Find out if it's the right choice for you! Are you looking for a Add+On VELOCITY demo, technical support, product or pricing information or to simply to compare Add+On VELOCITY with competitive options? Quickly get answers and the information you need.

When your customer calls they want information - AND THEY WANT IT NOW!! You don’t have time to get out of the part of the software you are in and go to an inquiry function. You need a “hot key“ that you can activate anytime and from anywhere and access the information you need. You need customer account information, sales information and access to a wealth of other information. If you can’t give your customer this type of information, your customer will start doing business with your competitor - who can. Add+On VELOCITY will instantly provide you with the information which will leave your customer anxious to do business with you again. Add+On VELOCITY is another tool that will help you tie your customer to you with information.

Improve customer service, tie your customers to you, and streamline your process

“In today’s microwave society, if you can’t give them information instantly, they will do business with someone else who can.”

Touch a hotkey and Add+On VELOCITY displays an optioned window, with categories of information on customers, vendors, inventory, on-line reports, executive summary, system information and sales history. These categories offer a wide variety of detail options. Scroll through the categories and you will be presented with these detail options. In many instances details are a few keystrokes away. You can receive information like: Customer Aging and Sales, Sales History, A list of Sales Orders, Display the Detail of a Sales Order, Summary and Details of Open Invoices, Invoice History, Customer Comments and Customer Pricing to name a few. This and a wealth of other mission critical information can be brought to bear when dealing with your clients.

The most important aspect of Customer Service is that no matter what you are doing, when you hit the hotkey, the customer service window pops up and you can begin your inquiry. Helping multiple people at a time is a snap because you have instant access.

Customer Service: Increase Customer Satisfaction; Provide Accurate Timely Information; Monitor and Track Orders and Jobs.

  • Customer Last Sale - Select a customer and VELOCITY presents all items sold to customer. For each item a display of last sale date, quantity, last sale price, salesperson, invoice number and landed cost for item.
  • Customer Lookup - By name, customer number, contact, phone, zip, salesperson, order number, invoice number, territory, tax code, pricing code, SIC code, D&B number and keyword.
  • Aging and Sales information by Customer - Overview customer information with last invoice, last payment, MTD Sales, YTD Sales and an aging 30, 60, 90, 120.
  • Open Orders - Summary Open Order information with Order number, order type, order date, ship date, by and PO number.
  • Open Orders Line Items - Detail open order line information including warehouse, description, order qty, backorder qty, ship qty, price, extension and order total.
  • Open Invoices - Summary information on a customers’ invoices including invoice number, date invoiced, due date, Terms, Invoice amount, amount applied by payment, discount, invoice balance, total account balance, mtd sales and ytd sales.
  • Invoice History - Summary Invoice history information with invoice number, invoice type, order date, order taker, PO number, territory, pricing code, tax code, order number, ship via and sales amount.
  • Invoice History Line Items - Detail invoice history information including warehouse, item number, item description, order qty, backorder qty, ship qty, price, extension and total order dollars.
  • Ship To Addresses - Ship to number, ship-to name, contact name, address line, city, state, zip, phone, salesperson, territory and tax code number.
  • Customer Comments - Lines of comments entered for this customer in Accounts Receivable or Sales. Other information displayed is salesperson, customer type, territory, contact, phone number and fax number.
  • Customer Pricing - Customer pricing by item displays quantity discount structure, price, quantity, price. Contract pricing is also displayed.
  • Vendor Lookup - Name, number, zip, PO number, requisition number, invoice number keyword.
  • Purchase History - By vendor, balance, last invoice date, last payment date, (purchases, discounts, payments, calendar) by prior year, current ytd and next year. Also displayed is contact, phone, fax, opened date and federal ID number.
  • Requisition Summary - By vendor includes requisition number, warehouse, date ordered, date required, date promised, ship via, AP terms, freight terms and requisition total.
  • Requisition Detail Lines - Presents warehouse, item requisitioned, description, unit of measure, conversion value, sales order number, required qty, unit cost, extension, required date and line balance.
  • Purchase Order Summary - By vendor includes purchase order number, warehouse, date ordered, date required, date promised, ship via, AP terms, freight terms and requisition number.
  • Purchase Order Detail Lines - Presents warehouse, item number, description, unit of measure conversion value, sales order number, order qty, qty received, qty balance, unit cost, extension and required date.
  • Open Invoices - By vendor, invoice number, invoice date, due date, invoice type, terms and balance.
  • Purchase Order Receipt History Summary - By vendor, purchase order number, receipt number, warehouse, ordered date, required date, received date, shipped via, amount ordered, amount received, amount invoiced, invoice variance, invoice total and fill ratio.
  • Purchase Order Receipt History Line Items - Presents warehouse, item number, description, unit of measure, required date, received date, order qty, qty received, balance, unit cost, extension and sales order number.
  • Purchase Addresses - Address name, contact name, street address, city, state, zip, phone and fax number.
  • Vendor Comments - Comments for vendor, address, city, state, zip, contact, phone and fax.
  • Non-Stock Open Purchase Order - Item number, description, required date, received date, order qty, qty received, unit cost, PO number and vendor number and name.
  • Non-Stock Item Receipt - Presents item number, description, required date, order qty, unit cost, sales order number, purchase order number, vendor number and vendor name.
  • Inventory Lookup - By description, item number, vendor name, product type, lot/serial number, bar code, UPC code, synonym, item class, item type, keyword. Presents item number, name product type, unit of sale, weight, last receipt date, last issue date, on hand, committed to orders, available and on Purchase orders.
  • Price Availability - Item number, description, warehouse, location, on-hand, committed, available, on purchase order, MSR price, list price, unit cost, item type and alternate part number.
  • Lot/Serial Number - Item number, description, warehouse, lot/serial number, received date, issued date, vendor name, on hand, committed, available, unit cost, location.
  • Open Orders by Item - Item number, description, warehouse, beginning transaction date, ending transaction date, order number, line sequence, customer number, customer name, order date, ship date, order qty, backorder qty, shipped qty, committed price, extension and order total.
  • Open Purchase Orders - By item, purchase order number, line sequence number, vendor, required date, unit of measure, warehouse, order qty, qty received, balance, quality in QA, unit cost, extension.
  • Open Requisitions - By item, requisition number, sequence number, vendor number, vendor name, required date, warehouse, item code, source, order qty, unit cost and extension.
  • Sales History - By item. Present by month - period, units, sales and total. Also presents unit of measure, product type, last fiscal units and sales, present fiscal units and sales.
  • Transaction History - Presents item number, description, warehouse, beginning transaction date, ending transaction date, transaction date, transaction type, quantity, cost and extension. If P.O. presents vendor number, vendor name, purchase order number and line. If sale presents customer number, customer name, invoice number and line and warehouse.
  • Usage - Shows item name, description, warehouse, usage type, status, started date, last action, estimated completion, qty required, qty issued, balance.
  • Item Comments - presents lines of comments for the item. Also product type, item class, item type, unit of measure, stocking level and lot/serial identifier.
  • Executive Summary - Summary of activity of A/R, A/P, Orders, Purchases, Sales, Profit and Inventory for future, three current months, prior and total. Select detail and inquiry presents a daily calendar of transactions for the categories presented above. Reselect by month and year.
  • Sales History Inquiry - By customer, item, invoice date, customer PO or description. Presents invoice number, invoice date, item number, description, qty, price and cost.

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