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You say that you have different pricing requirements for different customers. You have some customers who have a negotiated contract price, other customers you sell markup from list, others you sell markdown from list and for some special customers you sell at a nationally negotiated price, set by the manufacturer, whereby you sell below cost but are reimbursed with a rebate from the manufacturer. Simple, comprehensive or a combination of both, Add+On VELOCITY helps you set up and manage your customer pricing needs. Pricing based on a simple discount percent by customer, Matrix pricing by product type by customer type, Quantity pricing by product type by customer type, Contract pricing by Customer by product, Contract pricing by Customer by product type; these are but a few ways of setting up one or multiple pricing options for your customers. Once set up, Add+On VELOCITY will make sure that your customers receive the right price for the pricing structure you have set up for them.

Eliminate incorrectly priced products, boost revenues, and streamline your order entry

You’ll be able negotiate a contract with a customer to sell an unlimited number of products at individually agree upon prices. You can even specify a start date and ending contract date. Once the contract is set up your customer will receive the contract price for specific products or a category of products . What happens when your salesperson tells you that he has just negotiated the same price structure as another existing contract? Instead of spending a lot of time setting up a the prices for the customer, you simply attach the customer to the existing contract. Within seconds both customers now have the same pricing.

With the capability of having many pricing structures in use as any one time, it is essential that Add+On VELOCITY have a hierarchy that establishes which order the pricing structures will be utilized. This hierarchy ensures that the right price is used at the right time. The result is your personnel can be confident in their pricing with customers and are free from manually dealing with a myriad of special price lists.

Today’s distributor must be able to manage inventory levels and costs. Managing pricing structures is an equally important strategic tool, but most companies fail to establish effective multiple pricing structures because they are too complex to handle manually and their software is inadequate to help them. Add+On VELOCITY strikes at the heart of this issue by giving you the tools to go beyond the standard pricing structures you see in standard software today.

Customer Pricing Options and Rebate System: Increase Customer Pricing Options; Eliminate Credit Risks; Track Rebate Items.

The Sales Register may be printed in either customer or invoice number order; you choose!

Customer Pricing Options Reports include

  • Contract Price Report
  • Matrix Pricing Report

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"Customer Pricing Options and Rebate System" is part of the Add+On VELOCITY line of products, developed by Business Software International.

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