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For Distributors that Deliver.

Add+On VELOCITY Software is a flexible, mature, feature-rich and fully integrated business information system that helps you take control of all your sales and distribution resources, inventory management and financial activities. An outstanding price/performance ratio makes Add+On VELOCITY Software the most affordable sales and wholesale distribution software solution available today.

Add+On VELOCITY Software is supported nationwide by an experienced group of organizations.

The Accounting System used by Add+On VELOCITY is operating in over 4500 companies nationwide.

  • Add+On VELOCITY version 6.0 is Year 2000 Ready.
  • All applications include the source code at no additional charge.
  • Add+On VELOCITY Success Stories
  • Real-life applications at great companies!

If your business is growing, you’ll be happy to know you can’t outgrow Add+On VELOCITY Software: You simply add more workstations and more users. Should you outgrow your hardware or move to another platform, your programs and data files are completely portable. Available in PRO/5 and VISUAL PRO/5. Add+On VELOCITY Software is supported on a wide range of computer hardware and network Operating Systems.

Accounts Payable

Skillful cash flow management is critical to your company’s health. The Add+On VELOCITY Software Accounts Payable application helps you carry out this function with ease and accuracy. You’ll be in complete control of payables tracking, accounting, and management of the accounts payable and check writing functions. Reduce expenses and save time with computer-generated checks, manual checks, and reversed checks — regardless of the size of your company.

Improve cash flow and accuracy as you reduce processing time

You can maximize your cash potential. With flexible payment selection criteria, you can more skillfully time payments for improved cash flow and vendor discounts. You’ll also save time with automatic check printing, and you can project future cash requirements through the Cash Requirements Report and the Executive Summary display.

You’ll benefit from automatic disbursement of expenses when you integrate with Add+On VELOCITY General Ledger. You won’t have to worry about duplication or overpayment of invoices; automatic verification prevents that. When Accounts Payable is interfaced with Purchase Order Processing, you can compare invoices with receiving records for greater accuracy.

Monitor vendor performance through on-line analysis of your purchasing history, and identify your most important vendors. You’ll have an accurate record of delivery date and costs, both promised and actual.

Accounts Payable offers complete control with ease and flexibility

  • You can easily handle invoices with the ability to enter and process them at any time during the month. Data entry is simplified through quick access to information about vendors, terms, payment groups, and other codes. Vendor’s standard terms and discounts are automatically calculated, but you can override for a single invoice if you wish.
  • Improve your cash flow by taking control of payments. Select invoices for payment by due date, payment group, specific vendor/invoice, or all invoices on file. You can make partial payments, deselect an invoice, or modify a payment amount before printing checks.
  • Check printing is easy and error-free. You’ll be able to line up your checks in the printer by using a test pattern, and voided checks are accounted for on the check register.
  • Easily handle handwritten checks, check reversals, and manually voided checks. You can pay new or existing invoices manually and make partial payments on existing invoices.
  • You’ll have the flexibility to age payables by accounting period or by a specified number of days. For detail or summary information, aging can be based on invoice date, accounting date, or due date.
  • Processing is faster with Add+On VELOCITY’s temporary vendor feature. You can enter invoices for temporary (one-time) vendors and process checks either manually or automatically.
  • You’ll appreciate the flexibility you’ll get from multiple bank accounts. You can establish multiple company divisions or departments, and each unit can have its own checks and bank account. Each can operate with common or separate vendors.
  • Accounts Payable allows access to multiple accounting periods at the same time; no more month-end “freeze“! Your business will be able to continue as usual during the month-end closing process.
  • You’ll have quick, easy reconciliation and balancing when integrated with Bank Reconciliation. You can also interface with Add+On VELOCITY Accounts Receivable for cash deposits and with Payroll for payroll check disbursements. This integration helps speed and simplify bank account reconciliation, even when you’re using multiple accounts.
  • Save time and effort with complete on-line vendor information. Easily access the current status of purchases, payments, discounts, open invoices, purchase orders, payment detail history, etc.
  • Add+On VELOCITY Software handles your special needs. You can define your own categories and default information, and you can customize Accounts Payable with your own terms codes, payment groups, distribution and department codes, and vendor default information.
  • You’ll have flexibility with your customer, vendor, and employee IDs as well as your GL account numbers. Alphanumeric entries are supported in all ”masked“ fields.
  • Save time with optional batched entry and processing of invoice entries and manual checks.
  • Given an invoice number, you can retrieve a vendor. Vendors may also be looked up by requisition or purchase order number.

Accounts Payable Reports include:

  • Invoice Register
  • Payment Selection Report
  • Check Register
  • Manual Check Register
  • Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Aging Report
  • Cash Requirements Report
  • Billed and Unbilled PO Receipts
  • Purchase Journal

Accounts Receivable

Profitable companies require accurate and complete control of receivables, efficient cash collection, and effective credit management. That’s just what you’ll get from the Add+On VELOCITY Software Accounts Receivable application. It’s an easy-to-use system with powerful capabilities for processing invoices, cash receipts, statements, and customer reports. It also tracks and controls customer history information accurately.

Improve customer service, simplify credit management, and maximize cash flow

You’ll improve customer service by providing immediate answers to customer inquiries. Open windows from any input field on any screen to answer questions about inventory availability, order status, prior shipped orders, pricing, credit information, payment history, and scheduled receipts.

Monitor and control cash flow with flexible terms for credit extension. Track receivable problems promptly with Aging Analysis Reports and resolve disputes through a complete invoice history. You can also access finance charges and selectively generate statements.

You can improve your credit management by stopping uncollectible shipments before problems arise. You establish conditions under which credit approval is required before further action is taken, and your tickler file immediately reports credit exceptions to the manager for quick action.

Accounts Receivable improves customer satisfaction and manages cash flow as it limits credit liability

  • You’ll have generous space for customer comments — 100 lines! You can keep track of customer needs and special circumstances during order/invoice processing.
  • Get fast, complete customer information from one inquiry point. You can retrieve, display and print essential information such as address, purchase and payment history, credit information, open sales orders, unpaid invoices, paid invoice history, and comments.
  • You’ll have the flexibility to print customer statements based on aging criteria, territory, or minimum balance.
  • Age customer accounts by any date and print a detail or summary list of open invoices in either customer number or alpha sequence. You can maintain an aging and sales summary for each customer showing average days to pay, dates of last invoices and payment, plus historical sales, cost, and gross profit margin. Tracking customer payments is easy; simply refer to the on-line record of them.
  • You can enter invoices without using Order/Invoice Processing by using the convenient conversion and direct invoicing feature. A one-step process creates and prints invoices, then updates customer and general ledger files.
  • Flexible cash receipts handling lets you post cash sequentially by invoice number, apply amounts automatically to unpaid customer invoices, or pay selected invoices. Discounts and small balance write-offs can be allowed as you apply cash, and excess cash and customer deposits can be posted on account. You’ll save time by posting miscellaneous cash directly to the general ledger without leaving the Cash Receipts entry screen.
  • You’ll be able to specify conditions which require prior order approval with this flexible and complete credit management system. For example, the system checks a customer’s credit based on open receivables and open orders, past due status, and dollar value of the order. The credit manager is informed of the credit exception and can use the review and release program to change terms, print or cancel the order, update comments, or hold the order for review.
  • Order processing will be fast and error-free; you can customize your own codes and categories. Define salespeople, sales territories, customer types, terms codes, general ledger distribution codes, sales discount codes, sales tax codes, etc.
  • You’ll have easy access to multiple customer ship-to addresses. Up to one million alternate ship-to addresses are accessible during order/invoice processing.
  • Save research time! You can retrieve a customer just by knowing the invoice number.
  • Save time with optional batched entry and processing of finance charges, simple invoices, and cash receipts.

Accounts Receivable Reports include:

  • Invoice Register
  • Cash Receipts Register
  • Aging Reports
  • Finance Charge Register
  • Customer Statements
  • Monthly Cash Receipts Journal
  • Customer Ranking Report
  • Customer Labels
  • Customer Name & Address Listing
  • Customer Comments Listing
  • Customer Ledger Card Listing

Add+On Invoice/Order Processing

Increase sales and make it easier for your customers to order by using the Add+On VELOCITY Software Order/Invoice Processing application. You’ll have instant access to all the information needed to place orders, making ordering simple and straightforward. It all adds up to satisfied customers and repeat orders.

Improve customer service, boost revenues, and streamline your order entry

You’ll be able to answer customer questions quickly with instant information retrieval. Questions about order status, special pricing, inventory availability, scheduled purchase order receipts, sales, and payment history can be answered quickly from any input field on any screen using the SpeedSearch feature.

Salespeople will be more effective because they’ll have instant access to information about associated sales and history of prior purchases, as well as alternate and superseded items. A complete invoice history also helps in resolving billing disputes and can eliminate uncollectible shipments before problems arise.

Backorders? Fill them quickly with the Suggested Backorder Fill Reports. You can continue to enter orders during invoice updates and period-end processes with on-line mechanisms.

Increase Customer Satisfaction; Eliminate Credit Risks; Monitor and Track Orders.

  • Eliminate credit risks before they happen. You set the conditions that determine when a credit review is required before filling an order. The Credit Manager is immediately notified of the credit exception and can modify terms, cancel the order, hold it for payment, or release it for shipment. You have immediate access to all credit information: open receivable balances, open order balances, held order balances, and backordered balances.
  • You’ll find customer orders easily. Any open order, backorder, held order, or quote can be located by order or invoice number, customer PO number, status, or any character string (keyword) from the Open Order file.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with flexible pricing capabilities based on item class, customer type, and quantity ordered. You can give beginning and ending dates to contract pricing for specific items. When exact pricing is needed, operators can enter a one-time product price on a specific order.
  • You can enter orders anytime with a comprehensive order and invoice locking mechanism. You’ll be able to do uninterrupted entry from all terminals during every process — even daily updates.
  • You can maintain the available inventory with each order entered by using automatic inventory commitment and scheduling. Set scheduled ship dates for each line item, and commit stock for future orders as ship dates approach. The Shipping Schedule Report plans outgoing orders for you.
  • You’ll be able to locate data easily by opening windows. Add+On VELOCITY offers multiple search selections such as telephone number, contact name, stocking vendor, keyword, or alpha search. You will be able to find inventory items, customers, and ship-to addresses quickly.
  • You can enter one-time customers into the system and maintain temporary customer information until the sale has been invoiced and paid.
  • You’ll have the ability to generate duplicate invoices and orders on demand. You can also create automatic credit memos from shipped invoice histories.
  • Maintain multiple customer ship-to addresses to facilitate on-time deliveries. Addresses may be pre-defined or created during order or invoice entry.
  • Special items and charges are easy to handle. Simply enter nonstock items, freight charges, miscellaneous charges, and memo lines on orders or invoices.
  • You can activate special features for over-the-counter sales operations including processing of cash, check and credit card sales, on-line inventory availability checking, and on-demand order or invoice printing.
  • The Sales Register may be printed in either customer or invoice number order; you choose!

Order/ Invoice Processing Reports include:

  • Order/Picking List
  • Order Status by Customer
  • Order Status by Item
  • Shipping Schedule Report
  • Order Detail Report
  • Invoice Edit Report
  • Sales Register
  • Sales Tax Report
  • Salesperson Commission Report
  • Monthly Sales Register
  • Invoice History Report
  • Customer/Job Report

Bill of Materials

The Add+On VELOCITY Software Bill of Materials application is a flexible, easy-to-use system designed for companies that assemble finished goods and manufacture most of the components. It provides unlimited levels of material usage and has features that easily calculate material, direct, and overhead labor costs.

You’ll have accuracy and complete flexibility.

Define and improve your manufacturing requirements through an efficient and easy-to-use Bill of Materials process. Built-in flexibility allows you to define your materials in any unit of measure, and adjusting factors for scrap and yield make materials requirements simple yet accurate.

You can control engineering change orders with ease. Enter them in advance of the change and let the effective date determine when to place them into effect. Full change order history is available through the use of an obsolete date, and you’ll be able to generate complete reports showing only the current requirements or a full history of all change orders.

Accurately calculate the actual manufacturing cost for an item by including operations and subcontracts in your definitions. Track overhead for all operations. Roll up costs on demand, or use average costing methods. You can quickly backflush components after manufacturing for easy, “just-in-time“ operations.

Bill of Materials is a flexible, easy-to-use system with time-saving features:

  • Create bills easily by using the ”copy bill“ feature. It lets you use an existing bill as a template for a new one. Item lookups assist you in bill creation. You can flag phantom bills that are common assemblies used in several products, and when you open a job, these bills are exploded.
  • Each bill of materials contains a detailed list of requirements. By entering a divisor and alternate for each item, you can define unit-of-measure conversions. A scrap factor will increase the calculated quantity required to allow for anticipated scrap, and yield percentages adjust the quantity required to allow for expected increase. Material costs are based on unit cost, quantity required, and the divisor and alternate factors.
  • Define your own operation codes to describe labor processes used in manufacturing a particular item. They can be as general as ”labor“ or as specific as the names of each machine used in the routing. Each operation code can have its own labor and overhead rates. You can define setup, run, queue, and move times.
  • You’ll be able to describe each operation in detail on convenient message lines. Messages for materials are printed on pick lists, and subcontract messages can be used for either internal or external communications.
  • Identify changes easily by using effective and obsolete dates for each line type (materials, operations, subcontracts). Effective dates allow phased implementation of ECOs; obsolete dates allow historical tracking of past change orders.
  • Quickly determine the impact of changes to your bill of materials files with ”where-used“ listings for both materials and operations.
  • You can globally search and replace components with Add+On VELOCITY’s powerful Global Component Replacement program. You simply enter a date once; new components become effective and replaced components will be obsolete.
  • Items you produce or assemble can be entered and exploded against the bill of materials to receive the completed assembly and to issue or backflush the component parts. Phantom assemblies will also be backflushed.
  • Selectively update standard costs with the Inventory Costing program. You’ll have the ability to preview the impact of cost roll-ups with the print-only version; then update with the cost-only version. All levels of the bill will be printed in detail, reflecting labor, overhead, and materials.
  • You can enter the quantity desired to build, and a list of available components is instantly displayed.
  • The Bill of Materials windowed lookup displays a wealth of information regarding each bill. There are many lookup methods.
  • You can take advantage of optional batched entry and processing of inventory production entries and order production entries.

Bill of Materials Reports include:

  • Inventory Production Register
  • Order Production Register
  • Materials Where Used Listing
  • Operations Where Used Listing
  • Indented Bill of Materials Report
  • Bill of Materials Packing List
  • Bill of Materials Detail Listing
  • Inventory Costing Report

Customer Pricing Options and Rebate System

You say that you have different pricing requirements for different customers. You have some customers who have a negotiated contract price, other customers you sell markup from list, others you sell markdown from list and for some special customers you sell at a nationally negotiated price, set by the manufacturer, whereby you sell below cost but are reimbursed with a rebate from the manufacturer. Simple, comprehensive or a combination of both, Add+On VELOCITY helps you set up and manage your customer pricing needs. Pricing based on a simple discount percent by customer, Matrix pricing by product type by customer type, Quantity pricing by product type by customer type, Contract pricing by Customer by product, Contract pricing by Customer by product type; these are but a few ways of setting up one or multiple pricing options for your customers. Once set up, Add+On VELOCITY will make sure that your customers receive the right price for the pricing structure you have set up for them.

Eliminate incorrectly priced products, boost revenues, and streamline your order entry

You’ll be able negotiate a contract with a customer to sell an unlimited number of products at individually agree upon prices. You can even specify a start date and ending contract date. Once the contract is set up your customer will receive the contract price for specific products or a category of products . What happens when your salesperson tells you that he has just negotiated the same price structure as another existing contract? Instead of spending a lot of time setting up a the prices for the customer, you simply attach the customer to the existing contract. Within seconds both customers now have the same pricing.

With the capability of having many pricing structures in use as any one time, it is essential that Add+On VELOCITY have a hierarchy that establishes which order the pricing structures will be utilized. This hierarchy ensures that the right price is used at the right time. The result is your personnel can be confident in their pricing with customers and are free from manually dealing with a myriad of special price lists.

Today’s distributor must be able to manage inventory levels and costs. Managing pricing structures is an equally important strategic tool, but most companies fail to establish effective multiple pricing structures because they are too complex to handle manually and their software is inadequate to help them. Add+On VELOCITY strikes at the heart of this issue by giving you the tools to go beyond the standard pricing structures you see in standard software today.

Customer Pricing Options and Rebate System: Increase Customer Pricing Options; Eliminate Credit Risks; Track Rebate Items.

The Sales Register may be printed in either customer or invoice number order; you choose!

Customer Pricing Options Reports include:

  • Contract Price Report
  • Matrix Pricing Report

Customer Service

When your customer calls they want information - AND THEY WANT IT NOW!! You don’t have time to get out of the part of the software you are in and go to an inquiry function. You need a “hot key“ that you can activate anytime and from anywhere and access the information you need. You need customer account information, sales information and access to a wealth of other information. If you can’t give your customer this type of information, your customer will start doing business with your competitor - who can. Add+On VELOCITY will instantly provide you with the information which will leave your customer anxious to do business with you again. Add+On VELOCITY is another tool that will help you tie your customer to you with information.

Improve customer service, tie your customers to you, and streamline your process

“In today’s microwave society, if you can’t give them information instantly, they will do business with someone else who can.”

Touch a hotkey and Add+On VELOCITY displays an optioned window, with categories of information on customers, vendors, inventory, on-line reports, executive summary, system information and sales history. These categories offer a wide variety of detail options. Scroll through the categories and you will be presented with these detail options. In many instances details are a few keystrokes away. You can receive information like: Customer Aging and Sales, Sales History, A list of Sales Orders, Display the Detail of a Sales Order, Summary and Details of Open Invoices, Invoice History, Customer Comments and Customer Pricing to name a few. This and a wealth of other mission critical information can be brought to bear when dealing with your clients.

The most important aspect of Customer Service is that no matter what you are doing, when you hit the hotkey, the customer service window pops up and you can begin your inquiry. Helping multiple people at a time is a snap because you have instant access.

Customer Service: Increase Customer Satisfaction; Provide Accurate Timely Information; Monitor and Track Orders and Jobs.

  • Customer Last Sale - Select a customer and VELOCITY presents all items sold to customer. For each item a display of last sale date, quantity, last sale price, salesperson, invoice number and landed cost for item.
  • Customer Lookup - By name, customer number, contact, phone, zip, salesperson, order number, invoice number, territory, tax code, pricing code, SIC code, D&B number and keyword.
  • Aging and Sales information by Customer - Overview customer information with last invoice, last payment, MTD Sales, YTD Sales and an aging 30, 60, 90, 120.
  • Open Orders - Summary Open Order information with Order number, order type, order date, ship date, by and PO number.
  • Open Orders Line Items - Detail open order line information including warehouse, description, order qty, backorder qty, ship qty, price, extension and order total.
  • Open Invoices - Summary information on a customers’ invoices including invoice number, date invoiced, due date, Terms, Invoice amount, amount applied by payment, discount, invoice balance, total account balance, mtd sales and ytd sales.
  • Invoice History - Summary Invoice history information with invoice number, invoice type, order date, order taker, PO number, territory, pricing code, tax code, order number, ship via and sales amount.
  • Invoice History Line Items - Detail invoice history information including warehouse, item number, item description, order qty, backorder qty, ship qty, price, extension and total order dollars.
  • Ship To Addresses - Ship to number, ship-to name, contact name, address line, city, state, zip, phone, salesperson, territory and tax code number.
  • Customer Comments - Lines of comments entered for this customer in Accounts Receivable or Sales. Other information displayed is salesperson, customer type, territory, contact, phone number and fax number.
  • Customer Pricing - Customer pricing by item displays quantity discount structure, price, quantity, price. Contract pricing is also displayed.
  • Vendor Lookup - Name, number, zip, PO number, requisition number, invoice number keyword.
  • Purchase History - By vendor, balance, last invoice date, last payment date, (purchases, discounts, payments, calendar) by prior year, current ytd and next year. Also displayed is contact, phone, fax, opened date and federal ID number.
  • Requisition Summary - By vendor includes requisition number, warehouse, date ordered, date required, date promised, ship via, AP terms, freight terms and requisition total.
  • Requisition Detail Lines - Presents warehouse, item requisitioned, description, unit of measure, conversion value, sales order number, required qty, unit cost, extension, required date and line balance.
  • Purchase Order Summary - By vendor includes purchase order number, warehouse, date ordered, date required, date promised, ship via, AP terms, freight terms and requisition number.
  • Purchase Order Detail Lines - Presents warehouse, item number, description, unit of measure conversion value, sales order number, order qty, qty received, qty balance, unit cost, extension and required date.
  • Open Invoices - By vendor, invoice number, invoice date, due date, invoice type, terms and balance.
  • Purchase Order Receipt History Summary - By vendor, purchase order number, receipt number, warehouse, ordered date, required date, received date, shipped via, amount ordered, amount received, amount invoiced, invoice variance, invoice total and fill ratio.
  • Purchase Order Receipt History Line Items - Presents warehouse, item number, description, unit of measure, required date, received date, order qty, qty received, balance, unit cost, extension and sales order number.
  • Purchase Addresses - Address name, contact name, street address, city, state, zip, phone and fax number.
  • Vendor Comments - Comments for vendor, address, city, state, zip, contact, phone and fax.
  • Non-Stock Open Purchase Order - Item number, description, required date, received date, order qty, qty received, unit cost, PO number and vendor number and name.
  • Non-Stock Item Receipt - Presents item number, description, required date, order qty, unit cost, sales order number, purchase order number, vendor number and vendor name.
  • Inventory Lookup - By description, item number, vendor name, product type, lot/serial number, bar code, UPC code, synonym, item class, item type, keyword. Presents item number, name product type, unit of sale, weight, last receipt date, last issue date, on hand, committed to orders, available and on Purchase orders.
  • Price Availability - Item number, description, warehouse, location, on-hand, committed, available, on purchase order, MSR price, list price, unit cost, item type and alternate part number.
  • Lot/Serial Number - Item number, description, warehouse, lot/serial number, received date, issued date, vendor name, on hand, committed, available, unit cost, location.
  • Open Orders by Item - Item number, description, warehouse, beginning transaction date, ending transaction date, order number, line sequence, customer number, customer name, order date, ship date, order qty, backorder qty, shipped qty, committed price, extension and order total.
  • Open Purchase Orders - By item, purchase order number, line sequence number, vendor, required date, unit of measure, warehouse, order qty, qty received, balance, quality in QA, unit cost, extension.
  • Open Requisitions - By item, requisition number, sequence number, vendor number, vendor name, required date, warehouse, item code, source, order qty, unit cost and extension.
  • Sales History - By item. Present by month - period, units, sales and total. Also presents unit of measure, product type, last fiscal units and sales, present fiscal units and sales.
  • Transaction History - Presents item number, description, warehouse, beginning transaction date, ending transaction date, transaction date, transaction type, quantity, cost and extension. If P.O. presents vendor number, vendor name, purchase order number and line. If sale presents customer number, customer name, invoice number and line and warehouse.
  • Usage - Shows item name, description, warehouse, usage type, status, started date, last action, estimated completion, qty required, qty issued, balance.
  • Item Comments - presents lines of comments for the item. Also product type, item class, item type, unit of measure, stocking level and lot/serial identifier.
  • Executive Summary - Summary of activity of A/R, A/P, Orders, Purchases, Sales, Profit and Inventory for future, three current months, prior and total. Select detail and inquiry presents a daily calendar of transactions for the categories presented above. Reselect by month and year.
  • Sales History Inquiry - By customer, item, invoice date, customer PO or description. Presents invoice number, invoice date, item number, description, qty, price and cost.

General Ledger

Gain complete financial control of your business with the Add+On VELOCITY Software General Ledger application. As the cornerstone of your accounting system, General Ledger smoothly integrates with all other Add+On VELOCITY applications for automatic posting of general ledger transactions — no double posting. For easy data access, a full-featured financial report generator is included. Add+On VELOCITY General Ledger provides an accurate, detailed record of all entries, giving you a complete audit trail.

Cut expense while you improve accuracy and increase flexibility

You can generate financial reports whenever you wish, at any time of the month; historical and current information is always up to date. You’ll have the ability to review up to three years of balance information: last year, this year, and next year.

Retrieve financial transactions easily. Current, prior, and future transactions are at your fingertips with the Add+On VELOCITY on-line transaction display. You’re fully informed of the impact that other Add+On VELOCITY applications have on your general ledger with the Daily Detail Register.

You’ll be able to reduce audit expenses with a detailed audit trail of all transactions. It isolates the exact information you need. Precisely tie each transaction to a specific control register through an assigned number.

General Ledger provides easy data accessibility and flexible reporting

  • Maintain separate books for up to 100 companies! You can use either different or the same account number structures and financial report formats, and you can easily consolidate financial reports for multiple companies.
  • You can use the flexible account number structure to assign account numbers up to ten characters long, plus a two-digit company number.
  • Transactions from other modules are posted daily. You can either make postings in transaction detail or summarize them selectively by account number. Reports show you daily, accounting period, or year-to-date detail.
  • You’ll have the ability to maintain unit quantities as well as dollar amounts on all detail transactions and historical information.
  • Try out a variety of budget scenarios with a flexible budget revision process that automatically generates up to 26 different revisions. You can use actual or other budget information as sources, and increase or decrease source amounts by either a fixed or a percentage amount for selected accounts. You can also analyze the results through financial reports. When budget processing is complete, your selected revision may be copied into the actual yearly budgets.
  • You’ll have the flexibility to make journal entries as needed, with all recurring entries made in one quick step at month-end. The journal entries can be automatically reversed; you can also tailor journal descriptions to fit your specific business needs.
  • Define accounting periods with complete flexibility; a fiscal year can have as few as one or as many as 13 accounting periods open at the same time. Corrections and balancing for one period can take place during data entry for another period.
  • You can create your own financial reports that are independent of your chart of accounts structure. Add+On VELOCITY’s flexible, easy-to-use report formatting lets you print budgets, dollar amounts, variances, percentages, and dollar/unit ratio information. Share the totals on any report with other reports, and print financial reports on demand.
  • You’ll appreciate the flexibility of year-end closings; they’re automated and two-phased for your convenience. Income and expense accounts are automatically totaled. The retained earnings are calculated, and income and expense accounts are cleared for the new year. You may bring balances forward before posting final audit entries, so you can produce next year’s financial reports before you close this year’s.
  • You can maintain three years of balance information for last year, this year, and next year.
  • Run General Ledger reports for any period of any year (prior, current, or next). Beginning and ending period and fiscal year selections allow reporting by month, quarter, or year. You can capture only the information you need by entering beginning and ending account numbers, or for maximum flexibility, select wildcard account numbers.
  • Save time with optional batched entry and processing of journal entries and allocation entries.

General Ledger Reports include:

  • Journal Entry Register
  • Daily Detail Register
  • Account Allocation Register
  • Transaction History Report
  • Summary Activity Report
  • Trial Balance Report
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • User Defined Financial Reports
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Budget Revision Report

GENERAL Report Writer

Generate timely, meaningful reports quickly and easily with this powerful Add+On VELOCITY Software report-writing system. You can perform sort, select, format, subtotal, and process control functions by using keywords, the building blocks that enable GENERAL Report Writer to create sophisticated reports. With full access to all your data files, GENERAL Report Writer can help you sort and analyze information in almost unlimited ways.

Produce meaningful reports quickly and easily

You’ll be able to gain control of your data to assess and analyze all aspects of your business. Combine and sort information from any of your Add+On VELOCITY applications into unique reports and compare the information.

Quickly access information with the LIST and PROMPT modes. You can create an instant report with LIST and highlight any file names, field names, or keywords using full-screen pick and point; your report is printed or displayed immediately. Use the PROMPT mode to easily recall, modify, or copy reports.

Built-in flexibility allows you to easily create custom reports; define your own formats using custom headers and footers. Add any number of data fields in any order and sort on any field or combination of fields. You can also adjust field spacing, stack multiple lines of output, or adjust page dimensions.

GENERAL Report Writer is a simple yet powerful tool used to analyze and improve management of strategic information

  • Select information from any combination of files. You’ll have easy access to multiple files with a LINK feature. You can link from order files to customer files to a salesperson’s file, all within one report! Specify logical selection criteria on any field along the way.
  • It will be easy for you to create reports with the PROMPT mode. Even if you’re a new user, you can quickly build your command with a simple, menu-driven session. Organize data fields into specific groups to further simplify selections. Reports defined using the PROMPT mode can be recalled, modified, or copied at any time.
  • You can output any report or selected data to delimited, ASCII, DIF, or WordPerfect formats for a smooth interface to other systems.
  • The LIST mode offers you full screen pick and point for easy selection, and you’ll have improved readability due to embedded white space and comments.
  • Creating custom reports has never been easier. Design custom headers and footers to include data fields, break values, text, and calculations. You can then paint them on the screen using the PROMPT mode, or easily describe them in the LIST mode.
  • Get instant help at any point with a handy function key. Online help for each command is available throughout the system.
  • Select from the PROMPT, MENU, or COMMAND modes for flexible report creation. The MENU mode runs interactively to prompt each of the basic commands; the COMMAND mode allows you to get the maximum amount of power from a minimum of keystrokes.
  • You’ll be able to customize your menus and give all users access to your new general reports. Simply save commands to any Add+On VELOCITY menu, and for more flexibility you can define run time prompts for data selection criteria.
  • You’ll have the ability to print or view predefined Add+On VELOCITY data definitions in the data dictionaries by using the File, Field, and Dump commands. Add new definitions as you become more familiar with GENERAL Report Writer.
  • You’ll be assured of confidentiality; security levels are assigned to each user. Only users with appropriate clearance have access to information in each file, so you can be sure information won’t fall into the wrong hands.
  • You’ll appreciate the flexibility of system administration. Configuration maintenance lets you define users, devices, parameters, systems, terminals, and printer configurations.
  • You can easily accomplish “what if” analyses by using your actual data and your estimate of changes. Complex expressions can be defined to derive data such as if … then …else logic, calls to external programs, and compound expressions.
  • Want to use GENERAL Report Writer just for selected applications? No problem. Separate data dictionaries are provided.

Inventory Control

Minimize costs and maximize product availability with the Add+On VELOCITY Software Inventory Control application. It supplies accurate information that helps you keep stock levels low enough to reduce carrying costs, yet high enough to prevent lost sales. You’ll get full, perpetual tracking of finished goods, raw materials, and components; this is an ideal system for manufacturers and distributors alike.

Cut costs as you increase sales and customer satisfaction.

When customers ask for information, you’ll have immediate answers. Inventory Control gives you on-line updating of inventory balances for access to current details about inventory availability, future demand, and expected receipts. Use SpeedSearch at any input field for instant response to customer requests without interrupting your current task.

You’ll reduce asset investment and increase inventory returns. Safety stock, EOQ, and order point are automatically calculated for each inventory item. You have the information you need to reduce stock levels and satisfy customers. Buy the right items at the right time and reduce your investment.

You can increase inventory accuracy with regular cycle counting and complete transaction auditing. You’ll be able to determine how to allocate resources within your inventory with ABC analysis. Prevent stockouts and lost sales with the Inventory Shortage Report and Purchase Order Expediting Report; keep them under control with Yesterday’s Zero Balance Report.

Inventory Control helps you save time and money while improving customer service.

  • You’ll be able to locate items easily. Item lookup is as simple as a keyword or keying in a portion of the item number, description, lot or serial number, product code, or serial number, product code, or vendor name. These lookups are also available during order and invoice entry.
  • You may designate selected individual items as serialized or lotted. The system has full capability to enter, store, inquire, andreport serial- or lot-numbered items. Complete serial or lot tracking identifies every transaction.
  • Get complete item information instantly by retrieving, displaying, and printing all current information easily from a single inquiry point. This includes the item’s availability status by warehouse, on-order quantities, purchase order detail and status, work order information, purchase history, and serial or lot number.
  • You’ll have flexible product costing. Multiple costs are maintained for each item. Select the average, last purchase, or standard cost, and then either the LIFO or FIFO cost for unlimited levels. For serial- or lot-numbered items, the system also allows costing at a specific item’s actual cost.
  • Save time with automatic EOQ and order point calculation. Figures are based on usage history, lead time, safety stock, carrying cost,and set-up cost. You may also enter this information manually at the warehouse level.
  • Ensure accuracy with physical inventory pricing. You can count, enter, and automatically adjust inventory by a cycle number assigned to each item. A special physical count file allows your system to operate normally during physical count processing.
  • You can make informed decisions with up-to-date vendor purchasing information. Costs, quantity breaks, last purchase history, and manufacturer’s part number are maintained at the warehouse level for up to five vendors for each item.
  • Save time and increase sales with the alternate/superceded parts cross reference. The convenient cross reference of part numbers for alternate or superseded parts is provided when you interface with Add+On VELOCITY Order/Invoice Processing.
  • You have the flexibility to assign each item to multiple warehouses or other physical locations, and you can select inventory reports by warehouse. An easy-to-use transfer system lets you quickly move inventory between locations.
  • Easily convert units of purchase to units of sale by receiving items in units of purchase from the supplier and then automatically converting them by a factor to units of sale.
  • You’ll have the option to define your own product categories. For selective reporting of inventory and sales information, you simply categorize inventory items into the product groups and item classes you choose.
  • A synonyms system allows for an improved and extended inventory search.

Inventory Control Reports include:

  • Inventory Transaction Register
  • Inventory Transfer Register
  • Physical Inventory Register
  • Inventory Price List
  • Inventory Status Report
  • Inventory Stock Movement Report
  • Inventory Reorder Report
  • Price and Cost Change Registers
  • Lot/Serial # History by Item
  • Vendor or Customer
  • Lot/Serial # Status Report
  • Excess Inventory Report
  • Gordon Graham Inventory Report

Material Safety Data Sheet System

Providing Material Data Safety Sheets to customers can be a painful but necessary part of distributing chemicals in today’s marketplace. Let VELOCITY keep track of when you need to send a new Material Safety Data Sheet to your customers. VELOCITY will save you all of the tedious time you have spent trying to track when a customer orders an item for the first time or a formulation has been changed and this is the first time your customer has reordered the item and needs a new sheet.

Eliminate tracking costs and increase reliability of your reporting obligations

The Sales Order Pick ticket process automatically checks to see if this is the first time a customer has ordered an item that required a Material Safety Data Sheet. The Same process checks to see if the date on the Material Safety Data Sheet has changed and this is the first time that the customer has reordered the product. The system automatically prepares a list of the sheets needed to be provided to customers. With a PCL compatible printer (HP LaserJet), you can print any MSDS document. This on demand print of Material Safety Data Sheets will eliminate countless hours making copies, filing the copies and then pulling the copies when they are needed for an order.

Material Safety Data Sheet Processing: Eliminate waste in labor and materials; Implement an Efficient Process.

  • The Inventory Description file keeps track of a Material Safety Data Sheet index number. This information also has a date that the sheet was prepared.
  • When a pick ticket is printed, VELOCITY checks to see if this is the first time a customer has ordered the product and if a Material Safety Data Sheet is required for the inventory item.
  • VELOCITY also checks the date on the Material Safety Data Sheet against the reorder of items by a customer. If a new sheet is required it is automatically printed on the MSDS requirement Report.
  • Add+On VELOCITY prints a MSDS document by using a “Print to File” printer in windows using a HP LaserJet 4 or 5 driver. With this configuration you can take a document in any format with a reader or editor (or graphic file) and print from Add+On VELOCITY.
  • If Unform Page enhancement software is installed as an option to the standard system, scanned or other type documents can be attached to the Material Safety Data Sheet Index number kept in the Inventory Description file. This configuration will print a copy of the required Material Safety Data Sheet.

Material Safety Data Sheet Processing Reports include:

  • Material Safety Data Sheet Requirement Report
  • Material Safety Data Sheets if Unform is installed

ODBC Drivers

In today’s fast-paced, worldwide marketplace, a company’s ability to make well-informed decisions based on current corporate data can mean the difference between success or failure. Your customers look to you, their application provider, to develop solutions that give everyone in their organization—from the chief financial officer to the warehouse manager—access to current corporate data, when and how they need it. The BASIS ODBC Driver 2.0 can help you meet your customers’ need for data by providing access to PRO/5® data through popular Windows productivity tools, database applications, and development environments.

Transparent Access To Legacy Data

Access to corporate data used to be difficult. Businesses could either accept a limited number of queries and reports provided by their systems developers, or spend significant amounts of time and money creating custom reports and queries. What these businesses needed was a solution that would give their employees the ability to make their own reports and queries using the Windows productivity programs—such as Access, Excel, and Crystal Reports—they already knew. In 1995, BASIS made this possible with the BASIS ODBC Driver. By providing an industry standard Application Program Interface (API) between Windows applications, BBx®, and PRO/5 databases, the BASIS ODBC Driver gave users transparent access to corporate data. Utilizing a wide variety of ODBC-aware tools, such as spreadsheets, graphics programs, and web browsers, end users could make the best use of this valuable data.

The BASIS ODBC Driver can connect popular ODBC-aware productivity tools, such as Microsoft Query and Crystal Reports, to data from local and remote servers. Today, the BASIS ODBC Driver 2.0 continues to provide reliable, transparent access to PRO/5 data, while also offering enhanced SQL grammar and ODBC capabilities, and a variety of new features. With the new 2.0 version of the BASIS ODBC Driver, you can create more sophisticated and effective queries, better manage non-normalized data, and access legacy data from the most productive, ODBC-aware applications available.

Minimum + SQL Grammar And Level 1 API The BASIS ODBC Driver 2.0 now provides Minimum + SQL Grammar and Level 1 ODBC API support. This translates into an ODBC driver that handles SQL in a more standardized way, and a shorter learning curve for new employees who already understand SQL functionality. By reaching these two levels of compliance, the BASIS ODBC Driver can now supply over 30 new Scalar functions, including—ASCII, POWER (double, integer), RAND (double), REPLACE (char, char, char), CURTIME, and DATABASE. Aggregate functions such as SUM, MEAN, and MOD are available, while functions like EXISTS, NOT EXISTS, IN, and NOT IN have been added.

Tools To Manage Non-Normalized Data The BASIS ODBC Driver preserves the investment you’ve made in existing data files by combining the powerful Views feature with a variety of new functions and capabilities. Introduced in version 1.1 of the BASIS ODBC Driver, Views let you create virtual tables defined from multiple record types, tailor the specific rows and columns that will be displayed to each end user after a query, and then save the table for future queries.

In the BASIS ODBC Driver 2.0, several features such as nested SELECTS, subqueries, and outer joins—along with Views—help you better manage non-normalized data and create more focused and powerful queries. In addition, a new multilevel logging feature enhances your ability to diagnose problems effectively. The BASIS ODBC Driver 2.0 is bundled with DDBuilder®, BASIS’ graphical data dictionary tool, to make data dictionary development and maintenance easier. Improvements in the way a View is defined within DDBuilder offer greater productivity when building a complex Data Dictionary. DDBuilder now comes with a sample database that can be used to test and demonstrate the features of DDBuilder and the BASIS ODBC Driver.

Read/Write Access The BASIS ODBC Driver 2.0 gives you the ability to choose the level of read/write access for each ODBC Driver you purchase. For developers who need fully implemented read/write capability, the ODBC Driver provides the ability to retrieve data, make changes, and update the database. When only read capability is needed, the ODBC Driver can be set to read-only status. For situations that demand the maximum level of data protection, the BASIS ODBC Driver can be licensed as an exclusively read-only product.

ODBC In Client/Server SystemsYou can help your customers further leverage their valuable corporate data by combining the BASIS ODBC Driver 2.0 with a PRO/5 Data Server for Windows NT or UNIX. Working together, the ODBC Driver client applications and the powerful PRO/5 Data Server can create high-performance, cost-effective client/server systems that are faster and more secure than a common mapped or NFS-mounted drive system.

System Requirements - The BASIS ODBC Driver requirements include:

  • Disk Space: 5MB
  • Network Protocols For Client/Server: TCP/IP
  • Operating Systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT


Employees expect accurate, on-time paychecks. But today’s work environment requires an often confusing array of pay structures, from per diems to piecework. Multiple pay structures and deductions can sometimes affect accuracy, but you can count on the Add+On VELOCITY Software Payroll Processing application to satisfy your complex requirements with a flexible, easy-to-use payroll processing solution.

You’ll have accuracy, unlimited flexibility, and complete security

A flexible design allows you to define an unlimited number of earnings, deductions, taxes, and employer contributions of almost any type: 401(k) deferrals, bonuses, piece rates, and all the standard earning types. Each employee can have taxes and employee contributions for multiple states and localities.

Because you define pay deductions and tax codes, it’s easy to design your own reports. Each column lays out like a spreadsheet; you simply determine the headings and the contents of each.

The Add+On VELOCITY system helps you reduce embarrassing — sometimes costly — errors through re-calculation, adjustment, and reporting cycles. You have complete flexibility to make corrections and adjustments until you actually print the check.

You’ll have piece of mind; a series of security levels and passwords provide complete payroll confidentiality.

  • Payroll is a flexible, cost-effective solution to your complex employee needs
  • You can meet government reporting requirements with ease, such as printing W-2 forms on demand. Numerous other reports are available for printing earnings, deductions, taxes, employer contributions, accruals, and other employee status information. You’ll always have the ability to reprint that information because each quarter is tracked separately.
  • You will be able to locate employee information easily. You can find an employee by name or by keying in any portion of the employee number, or by any character string (keyword) from the employee record. Numbers are from 1-9 characters and can be segmented for divisions and departments.
  • Retrieve, display, and print employee data from one inquiry point. You can maintain comprehensive employee data such as emergency information, hire, review, anniversary, and termination dates, and pension information.
  • You automatically accrue sick and vacation pay, and you may use any type of earnings to accrue sick leave, vacation, or other compensatory time or money; accruals are made each pay period.
  • You can maintain your own tax tables and enter them as they appear in government publications.
  • Add+On VELOCITY Software offers you straightforward employee termination and reactivation changes. You can terminate or reactivate employees at any time. W-2 reporting will be a snap because all employee information is retained until year-end. If you change an employee’s number, all related payroll information is automatically transferred to the new number.
  • Save time with automatic payroll generation. You can automatically generate earnings for salaried employees, employees working a standard number of hours, and voluntary employee deductions as part of payroll processing.
  • You’ll be able to distribute earnings by department and job title with a convenient labor distribution feature. You can print a labor distribution report before you print checks. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly history reports are also available.
  • Quickly locate and display all checks issued to an employee for the current year, including computer checks, manual checks, and check reversals. Earnings, deductions, taxes, and the check amount are shown in the same format you specified on the Payroll Check Register.
  • Your tax reporting is simplified by magnetic media reporting. The Add+On VELOCITY Payroll system produces annual W-2 information on IRS-approved media formats.

Alphanumeric employee numbers are supported.

Payroll Reports:

  • Earnings Register
  • Various Payroll Audit Reports
  • Payroll Check Register
  • Payroll Exception Report
  • Monthly Check Report
  • Earnings Status Report
  • Tax Status Report
  • Deduction Status Report
  • Contribution Status Report
  • Accrual Status Report
  • Check History Report
  • Earnings History Report
  • Union History Report

Print Plus

PrintPLUS enables you to keep up in today’s fast-paced world and improve levels of service to your customers and vendors, by integrating email and fax capabilities with your Add+On Software system.

Now you can send Sales Quotes by email or fax, right from your workstation, from within Add+On Software. And that’s only the beginning! You can also send Purchase Orders by email or fax, you can fax or email customer invoices, and much more. You can also use PrintPLUS to produce PDF or HTML output. Using the Add+On Software Web Kit? With PrintPLUS, generating documents for your web site is as easy as selecting a printer!

In fact, any document, report or form that is produced by Add+On Software (Version 6.x) can be printed, faxed, emailed, or any combination thereof, to one or more recipients, all automatically, through a pre-established setup or on the fly. This new functionality can improve the productivity of your entire company team and at the same time save dramatically on the cost of forms and postage.

PrintPLUS provides superior document management for your Add+On Software system

  • Automatically fax or email documents For customers to whom you always want to send invoices by email or fax, or for vendors to whom you always want to email or fax POs, you can establish a “standing” relationship in the Customer or Vendor Masterfile. This way, you tell the system to always send the specific form or report in that method. The savings on pre-printed forms and mailing costs can be dramatic, plus you get the added benefit of instant delivery of your invoice or PO, which can improve cash flow!
  • Send documents, reports or forms on the fly To send a document by fax or email on a one-time basis, simply select the appropriate printer. The system then prompts for the email address or fax recipient and fax number. This option is especially good for sending a copy of a past-due invoice, a PO to a new vendor, or an aging to a delinquent customer.
  • Print File Copies Any time you fax or email a document, you can also specify to the system to print (or email) a copy for your own files.
  • Send documents to multiple recipients PrintPLUS gives you the capability to email, fax, and print, on plain paper and on pre-printed forms, or any combination of these options, to one or multiple recipients. For example, you could email a past-due invoice to the customer’s payables clerk and to the owner at the same time (with different email addresses)
  • Track fax and email activity by date or sender using the Activity Log PrintPLUS keeps a history of documents it has sent, so you can trace back and see what documents were sent when, and who sent them. The Activity Log also keeps track of errors that might have occurred when attempting to send via email or fax.

PrintPLUS Tasks include:

  • Report Name Maintenance
  • Vendor Report Control Maintenance
  • Customer Report Control Maintenance
  • Customer/Vendor Email and Fax File Maintenance
  • Email/Fax Activity Log
  • Purge Email/Fax Activity Log

System Requirements:

  • Add+On Software (v6.0.8 or later)
  • PRO/5 (v2.1 or later)
  • UnForm® V4.1 or later)
  • VSI-FAX (v4.0 or later if faxing is desired)
  • Access to an e-mail server and the internet

All products are trademarks of their respective companies.

PrintPLUS is available for UNIX, Linux, Windows and NT operating systems and includes an optional interface with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order/Invoice Processing, Purchase Orders and Inventory Control

Purchase Order Processing

Gain complete control of your company’s purchasing functions with the Add+On VELOCITY Software Purchase Order Processing application. From replenishment analysis to printing, receiving, and payment, Purchase Order Processing is a comprehensive system that helps you reduce costs and eliminate errors as you improve customer service.

Your purchase order system is also integrated with the job system.

Reduce expenses and increase your buying power

You can enter purchase orders simply and efficiently. Track open purchase orders and identify potentially late shipments before they actually become late, and easily recall a list of purchase orders for any item or for any vendor. You’re immediately informed of all outstanding items through reports sorted by vendor or item. The Expediting Report highlights all past due items.

Reduce inventory costs as you optimize inventory levels and increase inventory turns. Automatic replenishment processing creates a “suggested buy” report that you can use to determine what, when, and how much to buy to get the best purchase price.

Who are your best vendors? You can identify them by tracking vendor performance history, and you’ll have the ability to analyze who delivers on time and at the promised cost. You’ll negotiate the best terms and save money with complete purchase and receipt histories. When you interface to Add+On VELOCITY Accounts Payable, you’re sure to pay the right price every time you buy.

Purchase Order Processing lets you get control of outstanding purchase orders and improve planning

  • The Purchase order system is integrated with the Apparatus Repair System.
  • Enter purchase orders quickly and easily with the on-screen lookup of vital information. You’ll have flexible purchase order entry with the Stock, Non-Stock, Other, and Message line types. For accurate price information, the last purchase cost for each vendor is always used as a default for the next purchase order.
  • Tracking purchase requests is easy with Purchase Requisition Entry. You can print a requisition, approve it, and then generate a PO automatically. Manufacturing companies can take advantage of requisitions generated by MRP or Shop Floor Control.
  • You can track lot or serial numbers directly from their receipt by entering serial or lot numbers as soon as the PO is received.
  • You can track lot or serial numbers directly from their receipt by entering serial or lot numbers as soon as the PO is received.
  • For maximum efficiency, you can enter multiple shipments of the same item, with multiple required dates on the same purchase order. Apply multiple receipts against a single invoice.
  • You’ll have the option to allow partial or full shipping with a straightforward receiving process, and you can easily locate purchase orders with simple vendor and purchase order lookups.
  • You’ll appreciate the flexibility and convenience of on-demand purchase order printing.
  • Save time by applying multiple receipts to the same purchase order for the same date without posting.
  • Keep accurate track of each inventory item with a complete history of issued purchase orders and receipts; this history is retained until the operator purges it.
  • You’ll be able to determine future cash demand with the Cash Requirements Report. You can also project cash requirements by vendor and purchase order number in summary format, or include purchase order detail.
  • Fill customer backorders quickly and determine priorities with the Suggested Backorder Fill Report. Use this report to determine which customer backorders can be filled and in what priority sequence.
  • It’s easier to prevent critical shortages and accelerate purchase order receipts with the Purchase Order Expediting Report. It lists all items scheduled through a particular date but not yet received.
  • Drop shipments to multiple locations may be entered and attached to a specific sales order and related line item for better auditing.
  • You’ll be able to make shrewd purchasing decisions with help from the automatic replenishment feature. Get the best prices, prevent stockouts, reduce the number of purchase orders, and decrease inventory costs by maintaining optimal stocking levels. The system analyzes inventory data and buying parameters, making purchasing recommendations based on minimum purchase amount, maximum stocking level, line point, EOQ, usage, and safety stock.
  • Improve your quality control! An optional two-stage receiving process gives you the ability to assign reason codes for rejected items.

Purchase Order Processing Reports include:

  • Replenishment Report
  • Purchase Requisition Printing
  • Purchase Order Printing
  • Purchase Order Receipts Register
  • Suggested Backorder Fill Report
  • Open Purchase Requisition Report
  • Open Purchase Order Report
  • Open Purchase Orders by Item Report
  • Purchase Order Cash Requirements

Route and Delivery

Delivery mistakes, no matter how small cost you money. VELOCITY will give you the control to eliminate these mistakes and other unnecessary manual tasks associated with your delivery of products to customers. Automate and streamline this process and you will eliminate delivery mistakes, reduce wasted time handling delivery paperwork, eliminate time reentering invoice data and organize loading and unloading of delivery vehicles. Add+On VELOCITY does what your warehouse and delivery personnel attempt to do manually but with more accuracy and reliability. With the confirmation of orders to be shipped, VELOCITY provides Customer Service or Sales with which orders have been loaded for delivery.

Improve customer service, reduce labor costs, and streamline your delivery process

The Batch Pick Report will provide your warehouse and delivery personnel a comprehensive list of items to be picked for a Route delivery. Ensure that all the items for a route have been picked and eliminate wasted time traveling the warehouse picking the same item for separate orders at different times. Pick the total number of an item once, and take them to the staging area. The Load List provides your warehouse and delivery personnel a list of how the items are to be loaded on the vehicle so they can be quickly retrieved when the delivery is made. A quick and easy confirmation process tells everyone what has been loaded and ready for delivery. After the deliveries have been made, instantly bill all of the orders on the route.

Salespeople and Customer Service will be more effective because they’ll have instant access to information about the status of orders. Warehouse and delivery personnel now have a very easy way of processing delivery orders. Accounting does not have to enter information on what was shipped to that invoices can be produced. After implementing VELOCITY you will ask yourself why you haven’t automated this area of your business before. You will also ask yourself, how can VELOCITY make this so easy; and we had such problems picking, loading and delivering before.

Route and Delivery Processing: Increase Customer Satisfaction; Increase Labor Efficiency; Eliminate Redundant Tasks.

  • Route and Stop information is entered in the system by Customer Ship-to. When a sales order is entered, the information in the route maintenance file is automatically attached to the order. The Salesperson can change this route on a specific order or even set the order to be delivered by some way other than the Route Delivery.
  • Orders to be delivered await printing on the Batch Pick Report. All of the orders to be delivered on the route, by date, are printed on the report so that the all of the items on orders can be filled and staged for loading onto the delivery vehicle.
  • The Load List report can be generated before loading the delivery vehicle. This report can be run in ascending or descending Stop order.
  • Pick/Delivery Tickets can be printed by selecting one or multiple options - route, up to a certain ship date, by warehouse in ascending or descending order.
  • The VELOCITY Delivery system provides for a confirmation of shipment process. Items that are confirmed are automatically moved to a delivery vehicle inventory. If the items were not delivered to the customer they are taken out of the confirmation process.
  • Route billing is an automated process. The automatic billing of all orders that were delivered in a Route are processed. After the Route is selected for billing, a process is run and the Route invoices are ready for printing.
  • Before the Sales Register is processed, any corrections to invoices, either standard invoices or Route invoices may be changed. Invoices can be changed even after they are printed and then reprinted.
  • The Sales Register may be printed in either customer or invoice number order; you choose!

Route and Delivery Processing Reports include:

  • Batch Pick Report
  • Load List Report
  • Packing Slip Print
  • Shipping Schedule Report
  • Order Detail Report
  • Invoice Edit Report
  • Sales Register
  • Buyer History Report

Sales Analysis

Increase your sales and your profits with the Add+On VELOCITY Software Sales Analysis application. You’ll get up to two years of fast, accurate sales information instantly. You can analyze sales, cost of goods sold, and gross profit for customers, products, vendors, salespeople, and territories. All the information you want is available on-line or in printed form.

Analyze and interpret sales figures with flexible, easy-to-use formats

  • You can quickly analyze the performance of your business. Sales Analysis provides a timely, accurate sales history in flexible formats that are easy to retrieve. Use the Executive Summary display to see day-by-day sales information, or use
  • Add+On VELOCITY SpeedSearch pop-up windows from any entry screen to view a complete sales history for any customer or product.
  • You’ll be able to identify customer purchasing patterns and determine the best programs to take advantage of them. Rolling 12-month sales reports for customers and products help you pinpoint sales trends, then let you react quickly to the demands of a changing market.
  • Easily monitor your profit levels by comparing sales and cost of sales data by product line, salesperson, territory, and a host of other methods.
  • Sales Analysis provides easy access to complete sales information for in-depth analysis, informed marketing decisions, and more sales
  • You decide how much data you want to collect and then use it to increase sales and profits. When you integrate with Add+On VELOCITY’s Report Writer application, you have the ability to message and sort information in almost unlimited ways.
  • You’ll stay current on sales data with the ability to store unlimited years of information. Sales dollars, units, and costs are stored for each period of the fiscal years, and the gross profit margin is calculated on all sales analysis reports.
  • You can collect in-depth sales analysis information for each customer and then summarize it by product category or by inventory item.
  • Quickly review the performance of sales personnel by summarizing 24 months of sales by product category for each salesperson.
  • You’ll be able to keep track of sales in each geographic area. Summarize sales by product category for each territory, and find out which types of products moved best in which area.
  • You can choose to store sales analysis information by individual inventory item within a product category, or you can summarize it by product category.
  • Flexible parameters let you choose which sales analysis information to collect, based on your specific needs and the available disk storage.
  • You’ll be able to pinpoint which vendors’ products are selling and verify that you’re getting the best margins. Summarize individual vendor sales by product category or specific item to stay on top of things.
  • Quickly review your product mix with a specialized product trending report that analyzes 12 months of sales for each item. You can print sales dollars or units sold in this spreadsheet report.
  • You’ll know your customers’ buying habits, and you’ll be able to help them plan future purchases with a rolling 12-month trending report. Items purchased in this period are shown with dollar or unit totals for each customer.
  • Collect and report sales information conveniently, either by profit center or by department. You simply associate a distribution code with each customer to identify the profit center.
  • You can divide your customer base into various types and then collect information for each type of customer group and product code combination.
  • Tailor a marketing plan to past purchasers by running the Add+On VELOCITY Sales Analysis Report. It shows you which customers purchased specific items; you can then use those names as your target market.
  • Identify your most profitable customers and areas. A report provides sales and cost-of-goods sold figures for each territory and customer within those territories, showing not only the largest accounts, but also the most profitable ones.

Sales Analysis Reports include:

  • Sales Analysis by Customer
  • Sales Analysis by Territory
  • Sales Analysis by Product
  • Sales Analysis by Salesperson
  • Sales Analysis by Stocking Vendor
  • Sales Analysis by Distribution Code
  • Sales Analysis by Customer Type
  • Sales Analysis by Customers within Territory
  • 12 Month Sales Analysis by Customer
  • 12 Month Sales Analysis by Product
  • Sales Analysis by Product, Item, or Customer
  • Sales Analysis by Customer Ship-To
  • Sales Analysis by SIC
  • Sales Analysis by Warehouse
  • Sales Analysis by Non-Stock Item Number

System Administrator

The Add+On VELOCITY Software Administrator module is the foundation upon which all Add+On VELOCITY applications are built. It is required for the proper first-time installation of any of the twenty other Add+On VELOCITY modules and must be included with the first-time purchase. Administrator contains the Add+On VELOCITY menu system, system configurations, and special features such as SpeedSearch and Executive Summary. Once Administrator is installed, additional Add+On VELOCITY modules can be added at any time.

Take advantage of the special system-wide features included in the Add+On VELOCITY Administrator module:

You can activate SpeedSearch, an immediate data inquiry feature, from any point on the screen. You’ll be able to browse through any customer, inventory, order, vendor, or purchase order information without leaving your current task. Pop-up windows are available for your convenience.

Take a “snapshot“ view of your company’s financial details by accessing Executive Summary through SpeedSearch. Accounts receivable, accounts payable, orders, sales, and inventory availability information is displayed. You can view totals for several months or in a monthly day-by-day breakdown.

Add+On VELOCITY tasks can be left temporarily from any input field and an external ”desktop“ application can be entered. Desktop options can be tailored to meet your company’s needs and allow access to word processing, electronic mail, project management, or other similar tasks.

Administrator Features

  • You’ll have fast, easy access to file-verified fields with inquiry windows. When allowed responses in a field are limited, a display of the acceptable responses will be available. There are several methods with which you can seek a valid response, whether by name, company, telephone, territory, etc. A keyword search is also available.
  • You can view the print image of a report on your terminal in a readable format with the Print to Screen feature. It allows you to scroll from side to side or up and down; skip directly to the bottom to review totals. Print images may be printed and/or retained for as long as desired. Save time by running multiple reports, queuing them together in a batch, and printing them when the resources are available.
  • Help is activated or deactivated by company and may be different for each company. Online help is available in a hierarchical structure, providing global help, help by menu and by task, and for the specific overlay being run. An index of defined topics is available.
  • Use the calculator feature just as you would any office calculator and return the results to your Add+On VELOCITY numeric values. The calculator uses several alphanumeric and function keys on your keyboard to replace such common calculator keys as Memory Recall and Clear All. A list of the replacement keys is available whenever the calculator is being used.
  • You can control the security and confidentiality of your system. The security structure is based on passwords and a matrix of security levels. Each menu and SpeedSearch option allows only those employees with the appropriate clearance to access information.
  • Process information for a single business entity or for multiple companies. All Add+On VELOCITY Software has this capability.
  • You’ll be able to define your screen appearance. Input fields can be displayed between brackets or they can be highlighted. For terminals capable of color display, colors can be specified for screen and window foreground and background.
  • You can capture screen images and send them to the active printer simply by pressing F8.
  • Float from terminal to terminal and your printer assignments stay with you. Printer assignments are made by user, and up to eighteen printers may be assigned to each user ID.
  • The Printer and Font selection windows support the use of the Page Up and Page Down keys, so the maximum number of fonts per printer is limited only by the number of printable characters.

Hardware & Software Requirements

Hardware: It is recommended that all networks have a dedicated server. A peer-to-peer network using Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT or Windows XP may be used for a small network up to around six users. If speed becomes an issue, the peer-to-peer BBx can be upgraded to a Client Server version. Minimum hardware requirements for a network server is: Pentium II 300 MHz, 500 Mb Memory, 1 Gb SCSI Disk Drive. Clients PC.s should have 10 Mb of Memory free to run Add+On VELOCITY.

PROGRESSION/5™ (UNIX/LINUX) or BBPROGRESSION/5 version 2.0 or later. Add+On VELOCITY version 6.0 , BBxPROGRESSION/4 may also be installed and run using BB Visual/PRO 5 for Windows; however, some operating system interfaces may function differently or may not be fully implemented.

Telemaster (Customer Relationship Management)

In today’s competitive economic world, the ability to provide excellent customer service can separate the successful from the pack. TeleMaster Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, from Add+On Software, enables you to efficiently plan, schedule, and manage marketing and customer service activities for both customers and prospects.

TeleMaster, which is fully integrated with your other Add+On Software applications, provides the data fields and other tools for keeping track of upcoming marketing activities sorted by customer service representative for maximum efficiency (five different sorts are available).

Best of all, TeleMaster keeps all of your company information securely on your main company server, rather than scattered among personal computers. And, like all Add+OnSoftware applications, TeleMaster includes the source code and complete technical documentation, allowing enhancements and customization by your reseller or service provider.

TeleMaster Customer Relationship Management can help you provide superior customer service

  • Enable the integration of customer service activities (using contact management) with sales order fulfillment (from the accounting system). For example, to provide for follow up with customers to whom sales orders have been shipped to be sure the orders arrived successfully.
  • Provide the ability to manage mailings to groups of prospects, customers, and contacts, with the selective printing of labels, tracking of literature activities, scheduling of follow-up calls, and status tracking.
  • Provide customer sales and item information from the company’s accounting and sales database at the touch of a button, just when a salesperson or customer service representative needs it.
  • Store prospect information in your company’s main database, including up to 21 user-defined fields, without disturbing or interfering with the accounting information about customers.
  • Keep track of marketing-related information about customers separate from accounting-related information, including multiple contact names, addresses, and job titles, dated notes and comments, contact activities, marketing and sales ticklers, and other marketing and sales activities.
  • Automatically generate a Customer record when a prospect becomes a customer
  • Enable all of the company’s sales and customer service people to use a shared database, rather than each having their own separate island of information on their personal computers
  • TeleMaster is accessible over the web from remote locations.

Telemaster Tasks include:

  • TeleMaster Contact Maintenance
  • Customer Service Request Code Maintenance
  • Lead Source Code Maintenance
  • Contact Interest Code Maintenance
  • Literature Code Maintenance
  • TeleMaster Label Printing
  • TeleMaster Contact Purge
  • TeleMaster Comments Purge
  • TeleMaster Parameter Maintenance

UNFORM Page Enhancement

UnForm is a unique page enhancement tool which turns regular Add+On VELOCITY Software forms and reports into great looking documents with shading, lines, bolding, text manipulation and other attributes.

  • Get rid of pre-printed forms.
  • Use low-cost laser printer output on plain paper.
  • Dress up financials statements.
  • Highlight old balances on customer statements.
  • Send different copies of the same report or form to different devices.
  • Print bar-code labels on Zebra® printers.
  • Print checks with MICR encoding.
  • Output reports to HTML for web or intranet display.
  • Works with any PCL5 compatible device, including HP Laserjet III and above.
  • Works with VSI-Fax, Fax-Fx and Faximum.

Give your forms and reports a face-lift, without any code changes! A simple rule file determines which reports are enhanced (and which ones aren’t) by using an intelligent text analyzer. This minimizes the amount of system configuration changes required. In UNIX, UnForm acts as a pipe, accepting standard output from Add+On VELOCITY Software and sending enhanced output to the spooler, device or file. In Windows, UnForm processes the text file and sends enhanced output to any printer device, including Windows fax.

Here’s an example of how easy it is:

Your accounting department is printing invoices. UnForm detects an invoice number and date in your invoice print program, turning on the invoice format. The format adds shading and boxes, good-looking fonts, a title and logos, sending the output to your laser printer. The result looks as good or better than your old pre-printed forms, at far less cost.


  • UnForm can fax an invoice to your customer, and print one or more copies on your accounting department’s laser printer - at the same time!
  • Print shipping labels at the same time you print shipping documents or pick lists.
  • Add customer instructions when certain items appear on an invoice.

Easy Installation:

  • Downloading and setup take just a few minutes.
  • Printer configuration is simple.
  • Create a rule file and UnForm does the rest.

Easy Setup of the Rule File:

  • Print a copy of any report or form with the grid option, which displays exact text positions.
  • Determine what makes the report unique and add that information to the rule file.
  • Add all of the attributes you like - shading, bolding, device destinations and fonts.
  • UnForm does the rest.


  • Add+On VELOCITY Software Version 6.0 or better
  • BBx PRO/5 or VISUAL PRO/5
  • UnForm utilizes one user count while processing a report or form.

UnForm is a product of Synergetic Data Systems, Inc.

VELOCITY Order Processing

Your customers have a distinctive buying pattern, especially if you sell products that will be consumed on a regular basis.

While you may offer a couple of hundred or even a thousand products, your customer usually purchases only ten to twenty of these products. Add+On VELOCITY Sales Orders presents these items in a pop up window along with the last price you sold these items to the customer. VELOCITY provides you the opportunity to quickly select items, quantities and units of measure. This selection is usually no more than six key strokes. Before exiting this window you can select as many items as you need. Once you are done with your selections, the Sales Order is built based on these sections. Additional items may be added or existing items may be modified. VELOCITY also gives your sales person the opportunity to review all of the items your customer normally purchases with the purpose of selling additional items. As the name VELOCITY indicates, you now have power, control and speed over the Sales Order process. While other companies are trudging through their normal sales order process, you and your customer will be speeding along with VELOCITY.

Improve sales effectiveness, boost revenues, and streamline your sales order entry

You’ll be able to partner with your customers by instantly knowing what they order, what price and placing the order from the same screen. Ask about the other products your customer has been buying; whether they need more, whether they like them or why they are not buying them anymore. Your salespeople will also know immediately what price the customer has paid for the products he orders. Since Velocity was developed from Add+On Software you still have all of it’s functionality; questions about order status, special pricing, inventory availability, scheduled purchase order receipts, sales, and payment history can be answered quickly from any input field on any screen using the SpeedSearch feature.

Salespeople will be able to set up the order for delivery by your truck or shipped by other means. Route/stop and Delivery information is kept by ship-to address in the software and is automatically applied to orders. The Route information can be changed on the order and the information in the customer record is not affected. Sales orders set up to be delivered are completely handled within the Route and Delivery system.

  • The VELOCITY Orders system is an enhancement to the standard Add+On Order Processing System. All of the excellent features
  • indicated in the Add+On Order Processing module have been maintained and are available in Sales Orders. Please review the Sales Order Processing Module for these features.
  • Add+On VELOCITY Order Invoice Processing: Increase Customer Relationships; Designate Orders to be Delivered or Shipped; Monitor and Track Orders.
  • Eliminate placing the wrong inventory item on order for your customer. VELOCITY presents the exact items your customer has ordered before. Your inventory contains hundreds or thousands of items. Your salesperson will significantly reduce order time by not having to look for items. You can still instantly access all the items you carry if your customer needs something they have not ordered before.
  • VELOCITY Sales Order entry displays items previously bought by the customer based on the ship-to address. This presents what is bought by the different locations of the company.
  • VELOCITY displays 16 items at a time that a customer has previously ordered in a pop-up window. These items are referenced from 1 to 16 within the window. You can page up and down to display additional items. To order from the window the Salesperson indicates the number followed by a (.), the quantity and then enter. An example of 10.2 means item 10 with a 2 quantity. As many items can be fast picked from the window as needed. When done VELOCITY then converts the items selected to standard lines within the Order Entry software. You can go back into fast entry or select items from the inventory that the customer has not bought before.
  • The salesperson can select from fast entry sub units, pints instead of quarts, by typing two (..) between the numbers.
  • Information in the Customer ship-to file automatically sets up sales orders with a Route number and Stop number within the route. The Salesperson can change this route on a specific order or even set the order to be delivered by some way other than the Route Delivery.
  • Items are maintained in the inventory by an item number and then by unit of measure. An item such as “Pink Suds” is exactly he same item number but may be kept in different packaging (quart bottles or gallon jugs). VELOCITY keeps up with the amounts you actually have in these sub units. Most software makes you have a different item or product number for items that are the same but packaged differently. Some software allows different units of measure and has a conversion value from each unit of measure. An item that has a unit measure of 55 Gallon drum and 5 gallon pails would automatically convert 55 Gallons to 10 - 5 gallon pails. As you can see, the conversion shows you what you can do with the item not what you actually have.
  • Orders to be delivered await printing on the Batch Pick Report. All of the orders to be delivered on the route, by date, are printed on the report so that the orders can be filled and staged for loading onto the delivery vehicle.
  • The Load List report can be generated before loading the delivery vehicle. This report can be run in ascending or descending Stop order.
  • Pick/Delivery Tickets can be printed by selecting one or multiple options - route, up to a certain ship date, by warehouse in ascending or descending order.
  • The VELOCITY Delivery system provides for a confirmation of shipment process. Items that are confirmed are automatically moved to a delivery vehicle inventory. If the items were not delivered to the customer they are taken out of the confirmation process.
  • Route billing is an automated process. The automatic billing of all orders that were delivered in a Route are processed. After the Route is selected for billing, a process is run and the Route invoices are ready for printing.
  • Before the Sales Register is processed, any corrections to invoices, either standard invoices or Route invoices may be changed. Invoices can be changed even after they are printed and then reprinted.
  • The Sales Register may be printed in either customer or invoice number order; you choose!
  • VELOCITY automatically places non-stock ordered items in the Purchase Order Requisition System. The Sales order is tied to the Requisition and Purchase Order and vice-versa. Non-stock orders will never fall through the cracks again.

VELOCITY Order/ Invoice Processing Reports:

  • Batch Pick Report
  • Load List Report
  • Packing Slip Print
  • Shipping Schedule Report
  • Order Detail Report
  • Invoice Edit Report
  • Sales Register
  • Buyer History Report

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