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A flexible, single or multi-company General Ledger package that permits user-defined statement formats. The General Ledger Module provides many special features, including interactive maintenance of the accounting period file, user-defined financial entities, a chart of accounts print-out that can optionally include budget and comparative information for any or all of the financial entities, recurring journal transactions with either permanently fixed or variable amounts, maintenance of text files that provide supporting notes, transmittal letters for financial statements and more.

General Ledger Module Application Overview:

  • Allows user definition of up the accounting periods in the fiscal year Groups profit and cost centers into user-defined financial entities for sectional reporting
  • Allows entry and editing of general and recurring journal transactions, and prints registers
  • Allows accrual entries which are automatically reversed in the next period
  • Permits comparison of current performance with historical and expected figures by printing previous year’s data, budgeted amounts, and variances on statements
  • Consolidates companies into a parent company, if desired
  • Permits transaction detail to be kept for printing year-end detailed reports
  • Interfaces with all other AIC software modules

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"General Ledger" is part of the AIC Accounting line of products, developed by Business Outsourcing Solutions Systems formerly Centennial International, LLC.

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