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BMI Wine Distribution Solution

A software system designed by Business Management International for distribution/wholesale trade companies.
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What is the BMI Enterprise Wine Solution?

The BMI Enterprise Wine Solution is a business management system specifically designed for medium to large-sized wine & spirits distribution companies. It is an enterprise-wide application that runs with Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) to manage financials, distribution, customer relationship management (CRM), customer service, order processing, EDI, e-commerce, warehouse management, and logistics functionality, all within a single database.

Access to Information

The BMI Enterprise Wine Solution can automate your entire business cycle from order entry to purchasing to distribution. The entire system is fully-integrated and provides up-to-the-minute records on all aspects your wine & spirits business. A single click allows management view high-level summary data, while drill down functionality gives detailed information.

Improve Customer Service

Customer inquiries constantly need to be answered – quickly and accurately. The BMI Enterprise Wine Solution allows you to drill down quickly and easily to answer any questions customers have about items, orders, shipping, availability, delivery time, product specifications, special promotions and discounts.

Returns and Charge backs

The BMI Enterprise Wine Solution is designed to speed up and control the return management process. Functionality includes one central return document, the ability to create call tags, replenishment sales orders, returns to vendors, freight claims, and all associated credit memos. The Solution also includes complete charge back functionality.

Wine and Spirit Industry requirements

BMI Enterprise Wine Solution is comprehensive wine & spirits industry solution.

  • Vendor Allocations
  • Customer Allocation
  • Customer Inventory Holds
  • Depletion Allowance
  • Bill-Back Samples
  • Customer Type
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Bottle to Gallon Conversion
  • BATF Registration
  • On or Off-Premise Designation
  • Item State Registration
  • Container Tracking

Compliance Reporting

Each state requires that a list of selling prices for each item be submitted to them on a monthly basis. Each state has a slightly different format, but the content is similar. Typically the fields include: BATF and /or State Registration No., Description, Vintage, Pack Size, Bottle Size, List Bottle Price, List Case Price, and any discounts offered. With Navision’s fully-integrated report writer wizard our solution will meet all reporting requirements.

Advanced Warehouse Management

The advanced warehouse management functionality in the BMI Enterprise Wine Solution helps you significantly improve the administration of your warehouse.

  • Inventory Transfer from One Location to Another
  • In-Transit Tracking
  • Manage Transfer Process From One Document
  • Control Who Can Initiate Transfers
  • Allows Ownership to Vary During Shipment
  • Full Warehouse Management Capabilities
    • Zones
    • Bins
    • Directed Picking and Putaway
    • Cross Docking
    • Pick Choices by order, to tote or stage, wave picking
    • Cycle Counting
    • Physical Inventory
  • Full Bar Coding & Scanning
  • Picking and Putaway
    • Physical Inventory
    • Packing & Containerization
    • Bin Spot Checks

On-Premise and Off-Premise Accounts When an inventory items and your customers are entered in BMI Enterprise Wine Solution, they will be designated on-premise or off-premise. If the customer is an off-premise customer and the item is an On-premise item, then the user is barred from selling that item to that customer. All other pairings are allowed, e.g. an on-premise customer can buy either on-premise or off-premise designated items.

Inventory Allocation The BMI Enterprise Wine Solution will allow the tracking of limited quantity of a popular wine. Distributors will often allocate the available quantity between their salespeople as well as to specific customers. Once this allocation has been determined, the salesperson cannot sell & customers may not receive more than their allocation amount of that wine, without a manager’s approval.

Customer Inventory Holds BMI Enterprise Wine solution will also manage restaurant cover items. The Wine Distribution Industry has many occasions to hold an amount of an inventory items for their customers, even through the customer will not take delivery of the total amount at once, e.g. to cover a restaurant’s wine list.

Advanced Planning The BMI Enterprise Wine Solution provides advanced planning features that allow you to make important purchasing decisions based on what your customers are actually buying. The Enterprise Wine Solution offers inventory replenishment recommendations based on:

  • Historical Usage
  • Usage Procurement
  • User Defined Inventory Levels
  • Min / Max
  • Can be Adjusted for Vendor Targets
  • Auto Create Purchase Orders
  • Frozen Controls

Fully Integrated Business Solution The BMI Enterprise Wine Solution is fully integrated with Navision Financials, a leading financial and business management system with over 120,000 world-wide installations.

Complete Microsoft Compatibility The BMI Enterprise Wine Solution is built with a Microsoft compatible interface. This interface makes the product easy to learn and efficient to use, which results in greater productivity. Most importantly, the BMI Enterprise Wine Solution is industry specific and adheres to wine industry standards.

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