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BMI Enteprise Retail Solution

A point of sale application designed by Business Management International for retail trade companies.
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What is the BMI Enterprise Retail Solution?

The BMI Enterprise Retail Solution is an easy-to-use Point of Sale application with both keyboard and touch screen facilities. It is based on the outstanding business administration software Navision® Financials/Attain. It offers breakthrough features for easy setup, management, and processing of sales transactions for any retail business. It is a fast, dependable and powerful solution with a customizable graphical user interface.

Verticals Served

The BMI Enterprise Retail Solution is designed with high functionality and great flexibility to serve all fast paced, demanding retail outlets such as:

  • Supermarkets
  • Department Stores
  • Fashion/Sportswear/Footwear
  • Drug Stores
  • Hardware Stores
  • Furniture Stores
  • Home Appliance Stores
  • Electronic Stores
  • Fast Foods
  • Bakeries
  • Cafeterias

The BMI Enterprise Retail Solution can be structured in many flexible ways, including multi-store, stand alone or client. It has a built-in mechanism to handle failures in network connections. Back Office features provide operation with communications and network interruptions. All data is automatically updated when connection is re-established. The BMI Enterprise Retail Solution is designed to allow use of multiple databases of any kind. Therefore, the problems that companies face with file transfers between different databases are eliminated. Multi-threaded, it can handle multiple connections to different databases and applications at any time.

The database interface is designed to be ‘pluggable’ so a new database interface may be implemented quickly. The BMI Enterprise Retail Solution supports all ADO compatible databases, in addition to, Oracle and Navision configurable interfaces. The BMI Enterprise Retail Solution handles all data correctly, including different character sets, different date and number formats and similar compatibility problems.

There are no operating system boundaries when using TCP/IP communication layers.

Online and in Command The BMI Enterprise Retail Solution incorporates powerful and flexible reporting features to solve unique problems of the retailer, from customized report capabilities to transaction tracing. You can analyze results in sales, profit breakdown by store, campaign, item, group, department, employee, POS terminal, shift and more. Control of pricing is simple and allows multiple barcodes per item, automated promotions controlled by day, time, hour, customer group, etc. Multiple tender types can be accepted including gift cards, credit, debit, EBT, and checks, as well as managing Gift Certificates. Being in command means you can manage charge accounts, print invoices, manage layaway purchases, and gift registry. The BMI Enterprise Retail Solution puts you in control. Space Management Reporting allows you to report on sections and shelves of the product for profitability statistics. The Competitive Price Administration allows you to compare what competitors are charging. The Shelf Label and Sign Management allows you to print your own shelf tags and signs, and will print competitive pricing if desired. You can manage your pricing using portable handheld terminals for shelf audits.

Infocodes™ linked to items, customers, groups, etc; require interaction with the customer for information i.e. warranty info, product handling, serial numbers, flight numbers, etc. Survey questions, such as zip code, telephone inquires can be randomly set. Sales clerks are able to interact with the customer in a more productive manner.

Polling/File Transfers can be automatically scheduled, polling desired data and transferring only data that has changed since the last file transfer. Inventory, customers, and informational inquiries can be shared across the chain. With the BMI Enterprise Retail Solution, you are in command!

The BMI Enterprise Retail Solution addresses all the functions and features required to assist your retail organization today and in the future. We are truly the total solution.

Charge Accounts manage customer charge accounts, from input, balances, payment, to invoice printing.

Space Management Reporting manages statistics for reporting sales, profit, movement, campaign performances, etc., of areas of your store location, drilled down to the section and shelf level.

Shelf Label and Sign Printing allows locations to print their own shelf labels and signs either on demand or when preset parameters are triggered. Besides printing current pricing, competitive pricing can be printed as well. Stores have the ability to customize printing designs.

Competitive Price Administration manages retailer’s pricing structures of their competitors. As competitive pricing is updated, store pricing reporting actions can be activated to allow the retailer to act accordingly. Shelf Label printing and/or signs can be automatically generated to counter pricing issues.

Handheld Mobile Retail Terminals support Shelf Price Audits and other functions.

Lay Away Management manages customer lay away balances, payments and auditing, as well as, inventory control.

Customer Management tracks customer activities across company, and has the ability to assign customer groups for marketing campaigns, discounting, coupons, etc.

Flexible Discounting controls an array of discounting options, from monetary to percentage discounts, individual store, customer, item, group, etc., which can be activated/deactivated by time controls, i.e. day, hour, minute.

Polling/File Transfers are initiated manually or by an automatic time scheduler. The cost of connection time for polling is managed as well. With filtering, only selected or changed data will be transferred.

Gift Registry supports full Gift Registry management.

Reporting offers full store, item, employee, customer, etc. activity and statistics data.

Customer Service, easy to use controls force sales clerk/customer interaction with Infocodes™, which are linked to items, groups, customers, stores, etc. Infocodes™ can be used for warranty info, product handling, serial #’s, etc. Also, printer receipts are easily changed and can include specific information or messages in regards to the customer, item, group, or discount.

Today and the Future, being fully integrated with Navision® Financials/Attain, and by supporting Microsoft Windows/98/2000/NT, MS SQL 7/2000, Oracle, OPOS driven hardware, and TCP/IP, the BMI Enterprise Retail Solution puts the retailer in command and control.

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