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BMI @work Retail Wireless POS Solution

A software system designed by Business Management International.
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Work Wireless Retail Solution When lines increase, so does customer dissatisfaction. Now, you can improve your point of sale efficiency by using our wireless solution.

Add Flexibility to your store operations…with an integrated MSR stores can quickly improve movement through the point of sale by accepting credit cards using the BMI @Work Wireless Retail Solution. This can be done anywhere in the store. No need for wiring point of sale equipment for those special departments and seasons. Operations can commence in the store, or out of the store. Customers can pay with credit/debit cards and get their printed receipt.

Add functionality to your store operations…by utilizing the BMI @Work Wireless Retail Solution to monitor point of sale operations. Managers can monitor register, staff performance, statistics and sales remotely.

Remote Delivery Point of Sales

Improve Delivery Functionality…upon delivery, quick, secure and efficient payment can be accepted using credit/debit cards. Delivery personnel can process payments in an orderly fashion without carrying cumbersome equipment to accept charges.

Improve profit…as a charge is accepted, the BMI @Work Wireless Retail Solution can process the transaction and acquire authorization. There are no more risks when accepting charges.

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