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Purchase Advice and Automatic Purchasing produce reports to know which items are selling and which items to stock. You won’t waste your money on overstocking or on ordering inventory your customers don’t buy.

‘Min/Max’ allows you to specify a minimum and maximum in-stock amount of a specific item. Use it along with the ‘Replenishment’ feature to know how much you sold and how much to restock after your busiest seasons. The Purchase Advice feature also helps you predict how much you need to buy for next season based on previous seasonal sales.

Another powerful feature of Automatic Purchasing is ‘Days of Supply.’ This feature will allow you to order enough of an item to ensure that the inventory for that item will last a specific number of days. Know exactly how long your current supply will last, and exactly how much you will need to order.

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"Purchasing Advice & Automatic Purchasing" is part of the POS & Distribution line of products, developed by Business Control Systems.

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