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When you sell (through ‘Point of Sale’ or ‘Order Entry’ the system will prompt you for the specific color and size being sold and deducts that specific color/size combination of that item from inventory. This feature is not limited to apparel; use it for hardware items (e.g. size of bolts), or any other item that may have color/size, weight/size or two dimensional specifications.

Grids are also used for pricing items. If a certain color/size combination should be priced more or less than another, the Price Pack option allows you to assign specific prices for each combination on grided items. When you ring up a sale, the special pricing is automatically applied.

Grids can be one or two dimensional with up to 20 ‘colors’ (rows) and 50 ‘sizes’ (columns). An item can have up to 1,000 unique color/size combinations. When a new item is set up, its grid layout is also established. New items may also be set up by copying existing items and grids, reducing setup time and opportunities for errors. Each cell for a grided item can also have its own unique barcode.

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"Grids & Apparel" is part of the POS & Distribution line of products, developed by Business Control Systems.

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