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To save time and money the OneStep Java POS system is designed to give you a number of reports based on which Purchase Orders can be generated automatically, saving the time it takes to do manual item entry, especially when ordering a multitude of items. Your purchasing advice reports always are based on your sales, inventory levels, and therefore take turning rates of the products into account. The system provides you with a method to put a forecasted probability of sales so as to adjust the past history to the anticipated future and purchase what you need when you need it. Items can be filtered by vendor, manufacturer, specific item, department, category, subcategory, season, and a number of other pertinent parameters. Purchase Orders can be submitted electronically via existing vendor interfaces or emailed, printed and faxed. Interfaces exist to enable Purchase Order imports from a number of vendor web sites and devices.

The Inventory Receiving process can be done against a PO or as a independent receiving. A number of cross references are made to ensure that the product received is the product ordered.

Cross checks are made to determine if a price change has occurred on an existing item. The item is flagged and new price or Barcode Labels can be printed for the items with changed prices only, or all the items received. A receiving record is produced in hard copy to account for the receiving.

The OneStep Java POS is designed to make it a simple and easy process to implement and use.

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"Purchasing" is part of the OneStep Java POS line of products, developed by Business Control Systems.

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